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Interverbebral disc highlights ill make a diagnosis and give treatment
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Interverbebral disc is highlighted is interverbebral disc is out of shape side of support or oppose or celiac side highlight oppressive spinal cord and the is main feature with athletic obstacle disease that cause

The pathogeny
Can think interverbebral disc denaturation is the main factor of a disease happening. As a result of the existence of this one potential factor, the animal encounters any outside force action at rachis, all have the possibility that come on. These outside force elements that cause disease include an animal to jump down from altitude, often fluctuate stair, when playing, run jump. Touchdown of two hind legs is erect. Fall suddenly on glossy floor etc. The animal gets after the action of afore-mentioned outside force, interverbebral disc is damaged, often give out a cry because of ache, appear gradually the action is sluggish. Happy event lie to be not moved, lumbar back ache, hind human body campaign is weak, sway, the human body after some case appear very quickly breaks down. This disease is common at sausage dog, Beijing dog, Xi Shi, Maerji this, the French bullfight dog, dog that compare case, United States can block dog and France Basaite dog.

It is more come on suddenly. Abdomen of expressional arch one's back, arrest, do not wish to ambulate, stage appearance stagger, two hind legs dilatory or hind human body the paralytic, dysuria that discharge dung or incontinent. Touch press the small of the back to have aching reaction. The feature with cervical vertebra outstanding interverbebral disc is neck ministry activity have resistance; The outstanding feature between pectoral lumbar vertebra is to reject fluctuation chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

According to clinical symptom, diagnose not hard, diagnose needs X ray photography, spinal cord radiography is attainable exact diagnose. X ray photography, side position extraction a horizontal stroke and back abdomen 2 pieces of photographs, interverbebral disc highlights the X ray of place to be reduced through the gender, see ministry of thoracic vertebra second half arrives more lumbar is initiative the interverbebral disc of the ministry is unusual.

Remedial effect depends on pathological changes limits and pathological changes property. Acute goes up cure of dog of bate of sexual spinal cord is invalid, constant with dead lapse to. Some paraplegia case of illness adopts conservative therapeutics to restore hard, should base oneself upon at resting appropriately, supply nutrition, or treat with acupuncture, eliminate in time to accumulate dung and accumulate make water.

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