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Canine fine ailment is poisonous
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Poison of canine fine ailment was discovered in the United States above all 1997, from discovery this virus up to now, world each district all has popularity, it is harm dog kind one of the mainest spirited contagion.

Cause of disease
Poison of canine fine ailment (Canine Parvovirus, CPV) belong to petty virus division, petty virus is belonged to. CPV changes element and commonly used disinfectant to have stronger resistance to a variety of manage, spend in 4-10 survive 6 months, 37 degrees survive 2 weeks, 56 degrees survive 24 hours, 80 degrees survive 15 minutes, in room temperature bittern 4? Lunar infection sex is spent gently only drop, can survive in excrement and urine a few months comes several years. This virus is right ether, chloroform, mellow kind have resistance, to ultraviolet ray, formalin, natrium of second chloric acid, oxidizer is sensitive.

CPV basically affects a dog, especially young dog, infectivity is extremely strong, mortality is tall also. All can come on all the year round, with the winter, spring much hair. Raise administrative condition to change suddenly, line-haul, cold, jam all can make a disease happening. Ill dog is to basically infect a source, puke, saliva, mucky at one's convenience all has a large number of virus. Rehabilitation dog still can discharge poison for a long time outwards through excrement and urine. Evidence makes clear a person, cootie, fly and cockroach can become the person that the machinery of CPV is carried. Healthy dog and ill dog or belt poisonous dog are contacted directly, or the feed of classics pollution and water affect through enteron.

Send ill mechanism
After enteron of healthy dog classics contracts virus, virus basically atttacks two kinds of cells, one kind is bowel epithelial, one kind is cardiac muscle cell, behave symptom of gastric bowel path and heart myositis symptom respectively, heart myositis sees more with young dog.

Day of this ill preclinical 7-14, happen after just changing an environment more (like the young dog that buys newly) , bathe, surfeit is inducement. This disease majority appears enteritis syndrome, minority presents heart myositis syndrome.
Depressed of spirit of initial stage of enteritis ill dog, anorexia, see occasionally calorific, soft or slight vomiting, subsequently development becomes frequent vomiting and acuteness diarrhoea. At first excrement and urine shows gray, yellow or ivory, take jelly form mucous, discharge an effluvial soy appearance or blood of tomato juice appearance ever since. Ill dog is rapid dehydration, angular, eye socket is deep-set, by Mao Ling chaos, the skin does not have flexibility, ear bazoo, limb hair is cool, mental height depressed, shock, die. From the symptom at the beginning of disease slight arrive not to exceed 2 days badly commonly, whole course of diseases does not surpass a week commonly.
Heart myositis see more at 4-6 Zhou Ling young dog, often do not have foreboding sex symptom, or behave slight diarrhoea only, then is abrupt and feeble, groan, mucous membrane cyanosis, breathe extreme difficulty, pulse is fast and weak, heart auscultation occurrence cacophony, often die inside several hours.
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