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Hydrophobic, call mad dog ill, disease fearing water again. It is a kind of person that arouses by hydrophobic virus and animal (person, dog, cat) contagion of sex of a kind of direct contact. One but be contained the dog of hydrophobic virus is bitten, mortality is almost 100 percent, the dog that serves as pet must notice hydrophobic immunity. The clinical show that has hydrophobic ill dog is exceeding excitement, mad dry, salivate and consciousness are lost, final whole body is paralytic die.

[symptom] this ill preclinical accident is differ, it is 15 days commonly, better can amount to a few months or several years of above, the antibody level of the poisonous force of preclinical accident and infection, place and airframe is concerned.
Clinical expression cent: Violent model and paralytic model.
Violent model: Cent period, prodromal stage, excitement period and paralytic period.
Prodromal stage behaves mental depressed, be afraid of light, unresponsive, do not listen to host to call, inappetence, happy event bite feed an eyewinker, deglutition difficulty, salivary grow in quantity, hind drive is faint, pupil comes loose big, this period time is average 1-2 day. Prodromal stage enters excitement period namely afterwards, expression is violent uneasiness, atttack person and other animal actively, consciousness is disorder, larynx flesh is paralytic. Violent later occurrence depressed, expressional exhaustion does not love to move, physical strength has a bit after restoring, a bit outside stimulation can stand up again mad, the eye is not bosseyed, bite the human body after limb is reached oneself. This dog one but walk out of a door, do not identify the home, loaf about everywhere, the cry is hoarse, mandible is paralytic, salivate. This kind of ill dog is endangered to person and other domestic animals very big. One but discovery should inform concerned branch puts to death instantly.
Paralytic period: Give priority to with paralytic symptom, muscle of occurrence whole body is paralytic, it is difficult to stand up, lie the ground does not rise, convulsive, glossal emergence, salivate, last breath centre paralytic or exhaustion dies
[precaution] with destroy immunity of wild dog vaccine can prevent work or improved weak toxin hydrophobic, its immunization program is, 3-4 month age dog first immunity, when a year old again immunity, next every other 2-3 year immunity; Destroy live vaccine is in 3-4 month age dog head after avoiding, 2 avoid be in a travel of Zhou Jin of the 3-4 after avoiding, the 2 every other after avoiding a year of immunity.
Hydrophobic the biggest to the person's harm, one but by hydrophobic suffer from a dog to bite, if be absent 24 hours in inject is vaccinal, one but appear hydrophobic symptom, mortality is 100 % move owner person to must press immune program to give pet inject wild dog vaccine so, prevent to be bitten by the dog. The large dog that raises to the home must be encircled raise, fasten is raised, prevent to come loose raise bite another person, person one but after be being bitten by unidentified dog, should undertake to epidemic prevention branch urgent immunity injects instantly. Undertake to after derelict dog and wild dog discover, be being caught instantly immunity injects or do deal with appropriately.
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