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Canine cat tooth prevents and cure illy
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Tooth week disease basically has periodontosis and alveolar pus excessive. They are tooth week film and a kind of acute that organize all round its or chronic inflammation. It is thus clear that when be in a bad way alveolar bone is absorbed, the tooth becomes loose to wait with gingival atrophy. Pathological changes divides bureau be confined to outside individual tooth, send a gender for extensive normally.

The pathogeny
Main because canine cat is long-term,pap causes food deposit to be on the tooth, time grew to form dental calculus. Because the machinery of dental calculus is exciting, bacterial afterwards sends the reason such as sexual infection to cause tooth week disease. In addition mandible function is not complete, masticatory motion is lack of power the happening that also can bring about periodontosis.

Send ill mechanism
Because the conglutinate of dental calculus is deposit,expand downward ceaselessly to gingival, exciting and gingival haemorrhage, hyperaemia, strut, make gingival brim is far from tine neck gradually, bring about food to stop to ferment at arising between dental calculus and gingival brim with corruption, the organization affects inflammation further all round tine neck, form have stink pus, make the tooth becomes loose, also can make film of week of alveolar and protuberant, tooth is mixed all round gingival part is organized or fall off entirely.

Appear normally halitosis, salivate, have appetite but can eat pap or spoon meat only, dare not chew food. Now and then touch reach a tooth to produce acuteness ache. Sicken animal especially the cat often balks collect feed, serious happening tic and convulsion, some turning circle or trip defy an examination. General and molar come on more, come on initial stage reachs sicken tooth with forceps light kiss, chang Youming shows ache, reduce sorely when the tooth becomes loose. Be like be about to fester, squash gently can discharge juice of come to a head.

1, the dog often ought to give character (without oil, and cannot feed the petty bone that feeds chicken, duck) , balata toy or dish rod are gnawed bite.
2, hello eat grain dog food or feline food, the save labour when can making you are saved, the canine cat nutrition that assures you again is balanced, basically be to be able to rise most beforehand
Defend the action of periodontosis.
3, be checked regularly and eliminate dental calculus in time.
4, conditional, the love dog that can make you or love cat brush his teeth (had better use) of canine cat appropriative.

When your canine cat has bad breath, make an inspection to the hospital as soon as possible please.

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