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Other disease
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Diagnostic point: This ① disease is hypodermic, the acute that muscle film falls and happens inside the loose connective tissue between flesh diffuses inflammation of sexual fester sex. Hypodermic phlegmon suffers from ② the dog diffuses apparently it is thus clear that sexual strut, local add lukewarm. Painful response of ③ palpate heat is apparent, initial stage shows the pattern that hold pink, point to pressure leave mark, later period turns into solid sense. ④ suffers from canine spirit depressed, inappetence, temperature is not high.
Remedial principle: ① operation dissections pus of one inclined mouth platoon, do gauze drainage. Close with antibiotic all round ② focus of a disease, serious can cooperate to refuse infection treatment all over.

Diagnostic point: This ① disease is common at bursa of large assortment dog the ministry is traumatic be caused by, ancon dash forward on happen most. ② suffers from canine ancon head and instep joint to be in occurrence limitation to arrive from softness solid strut, palpation has slight ache and fluctuant feeling, can take out serous and oozy fluid. The bursa wall thickening of chronic bursitis produces fiber to change.
Remedial principle: ① takes out the liquid inside bursa with injector, infuse antibiotic, acetic acid prednisone closes all round dragon 10-20mg focus of a disease. ② suffers from a ministry to continue to suffer traumatic and usable bandage to wrap up for protection, the dog abandons berth to fill up soft mat.

Diagnostic point: Because outside force action causes hemal skin to crack the strut that cause internal haemorrhage and forms,this ① disease is. ② strut is soft and bouncy, local add lukewarm, point to pressure leave mark, apparent arrest wave motion feels. ③ is seen sometimes around intumescent rise symptom of advanced whole body with temperature. ④ puncture examination can take out blood.
Remedial principle: ① takes out the blood of strut interior with good-sized pinhead puncture, rinse lumen with physiological saline next. ② has when changing great mushroom to affect, cut a sip of, physiological saline of the reoccupy after be being rinsed with hydrogen peroxide solution is cleaned, put drainage, antibiotic of the infuse inside antrum, when cut of the suture after there is a liquid to pour out of no longer inside antrum.

Interverbebral disc is outstanding
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is common the dog at 8 years old of above, german hunting dog, lionet dog, small-sized beagling dog and hunting dog of long side Spain happen more easily. ② suffers from a dog to come on much more suddenly, abdomen of expressional arch one's back, arrest, do not wish to ambulate, two hind legs dilatory or hind human body is paralytic, the dysuria that discharge dung or incontinent. ③ is touched press the small of the back to have aching reaction. The feature with cervical vertebra outstanding interverbebral disc is neck ministry activity have resistance, the feature with pectoral lumbar outstanding interverbebral disc is to reject fluctuation chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. ④ X line is checked, side position extraction a horizontal stroke and back abdomen photography, interverbebral disc highlights the X line of place to be reduced through the gender. The dog sees ministry of thoracic vertebra second half arrives more lumbar is initiative the interverbebral disc of the ministry is unusual. Spinal cord radiography can be cut truly diagnose.
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