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Eye and otology are ill
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Shallow haw gland is corpulent
Diagnostic point: This ① disease also says shallow the 3rd palpebral gland is corpulent, it is gland body secretes superfluous be caused by, common wait at racoon dog of dog of lion of poodle, fist, Bi Ge dog, horn, sulphur pop-eyed model the dog is planted. ② suffers from the canthus inside the dog to show soya bean the hemisphere account swollen other people with little finger big or old head, swollen substance appearance congests, have thing of concentrated small follicular state. Also have two side the corner of the eye coinstantaneous. ③ histology sees gland bubble is outspread, gland bubble is epithelial fall off, exudate lay aside stays. When afterwards sends a bacterium to affect, show spend catarrh sex change gently.
Remedial principle: ① operation is excised. With ophthalmic forceps nip removes outstanding haw after bureau hemp or general anesthesia, cut with ophthalmic turn from annihilate of gland body bottom, touch with tampon later 0. Adrenalin of 1% hydrochloric acid is oppressive and hemostatic. Cream with antibiotic eye after ② art or cortin kind the eye creams bit of eye.

Grape film is phlogistic
Diagnostic point: Because of,this ① disease is the traumatic, contagion and oneself immunity reaction iris that cause or (and) choroid inflammation. ② iris is phlogistic suffer from a dog to show acute show effect, photophobia weeps, cornea diffuses the gender is muddy, iris strut. ③ appears when agnail of film of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of cilia state system vitreous body is muddy.
Remedial principle: ① will have canine park shadow, cortisone fluid and procaine penicillin burn a small hole alternately. ② is phlogistic to film of fester sex grape should refuse infection treatment all over all right.

Corneal ulcer
Diagnostic point: This ① disease basically is injured for cornea or corneal and epithelial resistance reduces succeed to send a bacterium to affect be caused by. ② suffers from canine photophobia to weep, the eye sheds serous sex or purulent sex secretion. Corneal ulcer shows flaxen or pure yellow muddy, boundary line is clear and all round corneal and transparent, conjunctiva congests. ③ cornea sees corneal spot or corneal blaze slight corneal opacity when large area ulcer, build sore to be short of caustic ministry to be able to be caught by fluorescence even green. Can decide with this cornea is short of cutting position and scope magnitude.
Remedial principle: ① uses 3 % boric acid solution or 0. Bursa of conjunctiva of catharsis of solution of Nuo of 1 benefit every and corneal surface. Eye ointment or eyedrops of antibiotic of ② choice wide chart creams inside bursa of Tu Yu conjunctiva, treat everyday 1, 2. ③ gives full amount C of vitamin AD, vitamin and compound vitamin B.

Corneal and muddy
Diagnostic point: This ① disease also weighs corneal slight corneal opacity, be wait for keratitis of be caused by by corneal injury, inflammation and ulcer sexual soak forms opaque white scar in cornea. The scar with ② traumatic muddy sex submits bit of form, boundary line is clear, organize all round transparent. After muddy at inflammation process happening, ③ inflammation sex is shown diffuse quality. ④ ulcer sex is muddy the compact white scar after see erosion ministry or healing.
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