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Disease of system of reproduction of secrete make water
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Postpartum and epileptic
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is disease of serious metabolization sex, common after childbirth 7, the small-sized mother dog with kitten much number of 20 days, see at medium-sized mother the dog is mixed occasionally childbirth medium or before childbirth. ② has a dog breath is hurried, intermittence rigidity convulsion, opisthotonos, buccal foam, body temperature rise is as high as 40 ℃ above, can inspect mucous membrane hyperaemia. If be treated not in time,③ has a dog criterion but at 1 ~ 2 day hind die. ④ lab is checked, hematic calcium value is reduced apparently to 4, 7mg / 100m1, hematic phosphor is reduced, blood sugar is elevatory.
Remedial principle: 10 % of ① dextrose acid is calcic 5, 20m1 joins candy slow vein injects in brine, after the illness alleviates, can cast feed bone soup with D of calcium tablet, vitamin and raise. ② suffers from a dog to want to be kept apart with young dog, take artificial nurse.

Disease of uterine harbour pus
Diagnostic point: This ① disease sees more after oestrus 2, inside 3 months without produce or via produce and matching infecund medium, senile dog repeatedly. ② suffers from canine vaginal orifice to discharge sex of come to a head or hematic sample secretion continuously, mental depressed, inappetence, much water much make water, abdominal circumference expands and flagging. ③ abdominal palpate can feel outspread uterine part, those who raise a dog hind the uterus that human body points to to rectum examination can touch pelvic ahead dilate with the hand. ④ lab examination sees leucocyte increases and the nucleus is left move. Uric proportion is reduced and it is albuminuria more, electropositive. Examination of ⑤ X line is in the abdomen is mid show gyral banger appearance to all resemble character to celiac bottom, sometimes uterine horn shows beads shape expand. ⑥ analyse check sees the harbour inside uterus having a dog has larger liquid. Film shows appreciation of bursa bubble account inside model with two kinds of account of the bubble that be not bursa change.
Remedial principle: Element of bacterium of ① head Bao kind antibiotic 35mg/kg vein injects, use use consecutively 2 times 4 days everyday. Neck of palace of ② two pairs is open model suffer from a dog to use α of prostate element F1 cure of amalgamative antibiotic of 250 μ G/kg. This ③ disease has a relapse easily, the best method that effect a radical cure is to carry out an uterus as early as possible ovarian excise a law.

Uterine emergence
Diagnostic point: This ① disease labors by mother dog more or aid scathing place is produced to cause when producing, hour of the number after often happening at childbirth comes 2, inside 3 days, the uterus is complete emergence or partial emergence. The uterus of ② complete emergence shows vaginal orifice outside, the exterior when emergence of horn of a side uterus shows strong record, also have system of uterus of along with of horn of two side uterus of all emergence. When emergence of ③ uterus part, the uterus inverts stay inside the vagina, the dog behaves uneasiness, spirit is unusual, celiac wall is nervous, spend exert duty gently.
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