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Remedial principle: Profess to convinced of 5-10mg/kg of ketone of ① Bi Kui but drive bug. ② is preventive drive bug is bug of every seasonal and fixed drive 1 times, do not feed canine raw meat, dog to abandon all round fixed disinfection. Of all sorts of ③ tapeworm in larva of silk ribbon period is endangered to person and cattle serious, because this is on communal sanitation,be taken seriously.

Whipworm disease
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is fox parasitism of wool head wireworm at canine large intestine (main caecum) cause digest the disease that absorbs obstacle and anaemia. ② spends infection dog gently only intermittence is soft or contain a few mucous blood. ③ affects mucous membrane of serious dog caecum to add thick necrotic reach haemorrhage, have in excrement and urine larger blood and apparently Brown. ④ bug egg is checked, way of part of saturated brine float checks egg of diagnostic sex bug can diagnose. ⑤ analyse check sees body of diagnostic sex bug also but diagnose.
Remedial principle: Profess to convinced of 50mg/kg of Zun of Mi of ① fourth benzene, use consecutively 2, 4 days but drive kills imago and bug egg. ② is preventive drive bug method is the same as ascarid disease.

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