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Ascarid disease
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is a dog bend head ascarid and parasitism of lion bend ascarid are mixed at canine small intestine inside the stomach and basically affect young dog to grow the disease of development, serious infection also can cause ill dog death. ② has a dog angular, stunt, parasitism of many bug body can send alvine block or intussusception at small intestine. ③ suffers from canine immunity function to reduce, easy infection all sorts of contagion. The discovery in ④ excrement and urine is imaginal can diagnose. ⑤ bug egg is checked, take buy of a small excrement and urine to carry Bo piece on, add 2 ~ Bo is built after 3 times water is mixed even piece lens check. Or take a few dung to facilitate inside test tube, add saturated salt water to mix
Divide evenly makes fluid face tower above tries nozzle, bo is enclothed on piece make fluid face builds Bo together piece contact, still take after 30 minutes, Bo Gai Bo piece stick fluid face at carrying Bo piece on lens check.
Remedial principle: ① depends on dimension bacterium element 0. Hypodermic calls 2mg / Kg drive bug. ② is preventive the 20 day age after drive bug is born from young dog begin, come 1 times every months later in August age hind change every quarter 1 times. Of ascarid lay eggs the amount is very large, must undertake to sufferring from canine excrement and urine harmless change processing. ③ ascarid larva is stronger to the sex of the person that cause disease, should notice to prevent to eat egg of infection sex bug.

Diagnostic point: This disease is hookworm parasitism at canine small intestine (especially 12 point to bowel) cause one of anaemic, angular common verminosis, all have in our country each district happen. ② suffers from a dog to discharge mucous sex blood or black of the stink that take corrupt, digestive function is disorder, hidebound. The discovery in ③ excrement and urine has adult can diagnose. ④ bug egg is checked, law of act vigorously of collect of saturated brine float (detailed sees ascarid egg is checked) egg of bug of examination excrement and urine also but diagnose.
Remedial principle: ① depends on dimension bacterium element 0.2gm/kg hypodermic. ② serious blood the dog is cast as hemostatic as the blood that bring sth resembling a net. ③ is preventive drive bug is the same as ascarid disease.

Tapeworm disease
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is all sorts of tapeworm or bug parasitism at be caused by of canine small intestine. ② spends infection dog gently not to have clinical symptom, catch canine criterion occurrence diarrhoea, angular, anaemic, exhaustion badly. Have all round ③ dung at one's convenience or anus seem section of pregnant of white of appearance of grain of rice or style of bug of short cable length can diagnose. Configuration of egg of the bug in at one's convenience of ④ basis dung or pregnant section but appraisal tapeworm is phyletic.
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