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Toxic with inflammation
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Sweet legumin of acetone benzyl hydroxide is toxic
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is the dog feeds the toxic disease that salt of enemy rat natrium causes acute vitamin K with raticide content to lack by accident. The natural aperture such as nostril of ② toxic dog, rectum bleeds, reach the haemorrhage below mucous membrane hypodermically, diarrhoea of courage and uprightness, blood in the urine. ③ is toxic and serious canine anaemia, oedema, breath is difficult, convulsion and paralytic, die namely without haemorrhage symptom even. ④ lab checks cruor zymogen time to lengthen, thrombin active is reduced.
Remedial principle: Dissolve of 25mg of ~ of ① vitamin K110 within 5 % dextrose static note, use consecutively 3 ~ 4 days. Or flesh notes 30mg of vitamin K115 ~ , use consecutively 6, 7 days. Cooperate to use vitamin K3 to be able to heighten curative effect. Dog of ② counterpoise disease can be defeated fresh complete blood, strong heart, protect liver,
Make the dog keeps quiet.

Snake venom is toxic
Diagnostic point: ① dog is in easily by the place of poisonous snakebite limb, face and nose end. ② is had by snakebite ministry aperture of puncture of poison fang of 2 features sex, cut haemorrhage is not much, local and apparent strut, bite 6, the strut after 7 hours is outward Zhou He centrality spreads, later strut ministry is necrotic, broken;burst;ulcerate;fester, form big ulcer. Temperature of ③ toxic dog is elevatory, later period breathes difficulty, cannot stand, lethargy dies.
Remedial principle: ① season heart gets the better of anguine medicine 8, 12 profess to convinced, everyday 4. Cent of potassium permanganate fluid nods 3 % of ② all round infuse strut, the apply after anguine pill crunch mediates with vaseline is in strut place. ③ is right toxic and serious the dog that is in shock condition, want vein drop to note dextrose, join vitamin C and pine of rice of ground a place of strategic importance.

3 nitrogen amidine is toxic
Diagnostic point: 3 nitrogen of ① amidine (Beinier or hematic bug are clean) it is remedial dog Babeisi the effective remedy of the haemal protozoon disease such as bug disease, normally with 3.5mg / Kg intramuscular injection, toxic symptom should appear when dosage amounts to 25mg / Kg. ② toxic dog in all aid is maladjusted, shake on foot, unresponsive, lip and gingival cyanosis. Interval repeats the 3rd day of after dosage uses drug toxic death 3 days. ③ analyse check meets liver is dirty paly, qualitative hard. Milt is paly also, qualitative strong margin is blunt. Nephritic exterior is paly, tangent plane is coriaceous diffuse with ministry of medullary have a common boundary the gender bleeds. Oedema of ④ mesentery lymph node, haemorrhage. ⑤ histology checks liver, kidney, cardiac muscle and muscle to produce adipose denaturation.

The stage expects blue secondary action
Diagnostic point: ① stage longs for blue (awl La Su) it is a kind of azo dyes, with 1% solution 2. 2m1/kg vein injects to the dog bug has Babeisi to treat and prevent action. ② stage longs for blue deposit to amount to 12 ~ 20 days at organizing an organ, the organ is caught green. ③ stage longs for blue vein inject is unwary and outside leakage blood-vessel when produce an organization necrotic.
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