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Digestion disease
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Cankerous sex stomatitis
Diagnostic point: This ① disease is common reach vitamin B to lack disease dog like cachexia, chronic at systemic sex disease. ② suffers from mucous membrane of canine oral cavity to reach gingival on have erosion, ulcer and necrotic oral cavity effluvial, salivate, masticatory obstacle.
Remedial principle: ① eliminates the pathogeny. ② uses physiological saline or 5 % aluminous fluid cleans oral cavity. B of vitamin of ③ profess to convinced, everyday 3. At the same time large dose is cast can restore quickly with vitamin C. ④ is serious to ulcer dog, but local inunction gentian, undertake be fightinged all over affecting cure.

Diagnostic point: This ① disease is the acute of tooth week film or chronic inflammation, common the dog that destroys at low calcic food or organization of tine root film. ② suffers from canine gum red, pour out of purulent sex secretion or blood, halitosis, the tooth becomes loose.
Remedial principle: The thing that ① eliminates tooth flank is residual, extract the calf's teeth of the tooth that become loose and remain, with tincture of iodine of the besmear after brine is rinsed or solution of 0.2% chloridize zinc. ② is cast wait with B of antibiotic, compound vitamin, nicotinic acid, give fluidity or soft food to come gingival heal.

Esophagus dilate
Diagnostic point: This ① disease has congenital send a gender with afterwards two kinds, dilate of esophagus of afterwards hair sex sees at esophagus stricture is mixed esophagus convulsion. ② suffers from canine appetite to decrease, the body is angular, deglutition difficulty, salivate, vomiting digests food. The dog after ③ feeling is fed is cervical have tumor type feeling. ④ esophagus radiography adds thick esophagus apparently it is thus clear that.
Remedial principle: ① inserts cardia machinery dilate with spy the platoon with promoting a stomach is empty. ② has operation of cardia constrictor incision when necessary.

Diagnostic point: This ① disease is common at serious gastritis, gastric ulcer, stomach tumor, eyewinker, toxic and contagion suffers from a dog to wait. ② suffers from a dog to behave haematemesis effluvial appear coal tar kind, can inspect mucous membrane cadaverous, drink is about to increase, mian of be addicted to, limb faint is cold. ③ chronic gastrorrhagia has a dog hidebound, hypodermic oedema, occurrence bosom ascites. ④ analyse check sees blood of the save up inside the stomach, gastric mucous membrane diffuses the gender bleeds. Examination of ⑤ blood convention shows anaemia.
Remedial principle: ① loses complete blood to having a dog badly 5, 7m1/kg. ② is hemostatic with vitamin KO. 5 ~ 2mg/kg skin, predict inject, or 10 ~ 20U joins the Xie Su after hypophysis drop of the vein in candy brine is noted. ③ feeds digestible food to canine raise, eat much food less. Do not feed a dog to want big
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