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The reproductive physiology of mother dog cat reachs corresponding note
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Host of a lot of pet is first time so serious ground raises a creature, but the lack that suffer from raises knowledge, especially canine cat is physiological, we emphasize the reproductive physiology that introduces mother dog cat and corresponding note today.

Canine cat is in rut, common says " do a cat " " make a dog " . Mother dog rut is seasonal more apparent, average age two season each, dog of a few mother a year an oestrus, some criterion oestrus 3. Mother dog rut basically is behaved for vaginal orifice oedema, secretion of courage and uprightness, accept climb cross copulatory. Mother dog is first oestrus can appear in 7-8 month age, rut is average 9-12 day, lead successfully in hybridization of oestrus later period taller, namely if day of the 9-12 after secretion of mother dog occurrence courage and uprightness is extremely copulatory be pregnant likely, if reason pet host does not think mother dog is pregnant, want to limit its and fair dog contact strictly during this, if want,make mother dog multiply unborn must not miss this period.
Mother cat oestrus also has seasonal, but oestrus time is much, time interval is short, early May age begin oestrus, average 7-9 month age begin first time oestrus. The expression of oestrus basically is labium strut, bray (nightly much) , fall down roll about, end root cock, show secretion of courage and uprightness lesser. Rut duration is a week left and right sides, accept copulatory time to be 1-4 day. Mother cat oviposit is passive type oviposit, be after copulatory stimulation 24 hours happen, copulatory number increases but revulsive much oviposit. Mother cat rut is willing to go out, host had better restrict his to go out, because you cannot know the breed of as copulatory as its fair cat is characteristic, healthy state, affect unborn quality, contract a disease likely, wait for contagion like leukaemia of feline acute communicable diseases, cat, feline dermatosis, cat verminosis.
If pet host thinks the rut of dog of accurate knowledge mother, cat, oviposit period, can undertake change of the hormone inside body detects (clinical go up to apply lesser) the observation that with the vagina epithelial smear changes, decide copulatory time according to observing a result, can rise to copulatory success is led and undertake artificial be fertilized.

Of mother dog, cat copulatory outside the option that removes copulatory opportunity, still should notice the following:

Copulatory age
General and copulatory age comes in one one full year of life between 5 one full year of life, optimal and copulatory age is in 1-3 one full year of life. Copulatory age is too early, mother dog, cat has not reach body maturity, be pregnant the growth that can affect airframe development, return the possibility that can raise difficult labor. Copulatory age is too late, the effect that suffers state of body of the mother's body is bigger, wait to cause postpartum and infecund, abortion, faint, afterbirth easily to stop like cardiovascular disease, fat disease wait for a problem.
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