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The common contagion of the dog
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Canine acute communicable diseases is hot (Canine Distemper, CD)
The contagion of acute disease noxiousness that heat of canine acute communicable diseases is a dog, its pathogen is an ultravirus. Basically produce young dog, popular whole world especially city. With the respiratory tract of enroach on dog, enteron, skin, reach neurological. Young dog and did not hit precaution needle, or the dog that does not have enough antibody is affected extremely easily only. This disease is the contagion with a kind of very tall mortality. Virus consist in comes on transmission of air of the by in canine secretion and contact are infected. Common symptom is have a fever, without appetite, spirit depressed, cough, sneeze, bazoo works snorty, shed tear to be afraid of light, eye nose secretion turns by transparent water state the fish glue sticks shape for yellow secretion, hard, next can intercurrent vomiting, dysentery, blood, reach bronchitic, pneumonic, weight to drop to invade carried classics system to final virus, have a dog right now, because of encephalitis, reach backbone to follow phlogistic and occurrence gait is flabby hum, the nerve symptom such as cramp. This disease does not have specific, disease period makes an appointment with 12 days 7, the sequela that if had been able to bear or endure to do not have dead criterion regular meeting,has neurosis state, be like: Crooked head, do not shake independently, the action is maladjusted. Preventive must rely on perfect precautionary inject vaccine, the immune antibody that makes cultivate body generation enough and avoid to affect, the dog of any ages should inject regularly only vaccine old dog is not exceptional also
Enteritis of canine virus sex (Canine Parvoviral Enteritis)
This disease happens from 1978, heretofore transmission already pervaded whole world, come on the contagion of acute disease noxiousness of the dog with deadly very high rate. Cause of disease is poison of ailment of a kind of dog, by contain virus to pollute mouthfeel of classics of excrement and urine to catch, this virus is able to bear or endure in environment vigor is very strong, reason is right dog infection, this virus is able to bear or endure in environment vigor is very strong, reason is right dog appeal is particularly big if do not have dozen of precaution,needle or the dog that do not have enough antibody are very easy infection. Clinical symptom: Have a fever, appetite is useless absolutely, spirit is depressed, durative vomiting, reach next dysentery, bowel to be in charge of mucous membrane haemorrhage, blood of eduction evil stink, leucocyte drops, dehydration, bellyacke, after the symptom appears, often die within 3~5 day. This virus is main enteron of bowel of enroach on stomach, also die can intercurrent cardiac muscle is phlogistic and suddenly.
Sicken dog should send cure cure as early as possible, often do not have specific at present because of this acute dehydrate, shock, death, disease otherwise, beard with therapeutics of a bit infusion, compensatory electrolyte water portion, will manage treatment of opportunity of survival and control symptom, support. . Etc, want the successive treatment of 5~7 day commonly, caikenai passes, the take good care of sb of week of peace treaty 2~4 period ability can recover from an illness. Dog of virus sex bowel is a kind of very important and terrible disease, as host love a dog you, must not forget the dog that replace love is fixed immunity is vaccinal.
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