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Canine cat raises the error on management
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Many canine cat diseases are by what raise management to go up wrong or unscientific cause. Be seen with respect to us cent is narrated as follows now.
A large number of 1 flesh and hepatic raise feed canine cat harmful
In recent years, many people not hesitate beautiful money, the cat that it is a dog buys a large number of ripe meat products or banger, or buy gallinaceous pig liver, thoroughly cook raise to feed canine cat, do not feed other food, make canine cat gradually nurturance outside dividing the flesh and liver, the bad habit that other food does not have. It is more plus urban dog cat indoor raise, bask rarely or outdoors activity, so canine cat produces bone soft disease (grown) or rachitic (childhood) grow in quantity, still can cause vitamin A and vitamin D toxic.
Canine cat has character soft disease and rachitic hind, look healthy on appearance, but as bone soft disease or rachitic development, gastric bowel function is abate, the activity decreases, excrement and urine works. Year young animal is serious person cave in lumbar Jian place, what pelvic cavity changes is narrow, often produce constipation. After kitten of grown mother dog, calcic sex Chu is short of to hold in the hand after easy hair is produced. Why pure feed canine cat with the flesh or hepatic raise, can you produce bone soft disease or rachitic? The calcic little phosphor that contains in the flesh and liver namely is much. The calcium that contains in food of normal dog cat and phosphorous scale are a dog respectively 1.4 ∶ of 1.2 ~ 1, the cat is 0.9 ~ 1.1 ∶ 1, and the proportion that calcium and phosphor contain in unripe lean lean is 1 ∶ 10 ~ 32.5, fresh liver is 1 ∶ 36, of the normal calcium that needs than canine cat and phosphor than, differ too big. Accordingly, incidental bone soft disease or rachitic.
If canine cat already was used to,eat the flesh or liver, change suddenly feed other food, their meeting refus is fed do not eat. Feed to let canine cat still eat, ke Yiran raise feeds the flesh or liver, but every raise feeds 100g flesh or liver, need to add 0.5g calcium carbonate or 5g bone dust, change its to have the flesh or hepatic bad habit ceaselessly. Change method: Between 10 climate, increase new food dosage gradually. In the meantime, reduce the flesh and hepatic dosage, till complete raise feeds new provision.
2 adding carrot for a long time to feed canine cat with liver is a mistake
Many canine cats are master, especially the dog is master, long-term liver of the cat that feed a dog imposes a raise mincing carrot, still individual host thinks, liver adds mincing carrot is the food with canine best cat. We know, liver contains many vitamin A and D, a large number of β are contained in carrot - carotene, a β - carotene element can decompose element of 2 vitamins A inside canine put oneself in another's position, add carrot to feed a dog with liver so, cause vitamin A more easily toxic. There is a cat only in mammal, cannot the β that eats - carotene change is vitamin A. Accordingly, using carrot raise to feed a cat is possible, using liver to add carrot raise to feed dog, cat is wrong.
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