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Pet hairdressing
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Raise doggie not simple, need fine understand without being told to consider, add even attentive do, period occasional takes it to arrive again pet shop hairdressing, change new makeup, idealer. Actually you had thought, love canine hairdressing for his now and then, is the effect better? The method of a few hairdressing that teachs everybody below everybody mights as well try, the dog that it is love changes a new form.

Brush manage
Comb with the needle first brush hair, the advantage that the needle combs is to not allow to comb easily wool, had better comb with stainless steel and softer needle. The method that comb is from the foot the ministry begins, from below consummate, come by end first, do not go against wool to comb, want to arrange wool to comb, so OK the form with major unlock.

Finish after brushing hair, comb with hairdressing (broadness is narrow comb) comb, the one side that ages with scanty broadness first combs, this is OK more thorough solution section, but should use a bit smaller force, power became great of wool of can easy strand. After then with broad tine the face combs, reoccupy is narrow tine one side combs straight can.

Of ear, eye clear
The ear of the dog contracts ear disease the most easily, answer to add an attention more. Want clean ear, use the liquid that wash ear above all (pet is used) Tu Zaimian is signed, the side of inside and outside of clean ear, fall again a few antiphlogistic pink is inside ear, expert is jolty and auditive, let antiphlogistic pink but inside thorough ear, after clean ear, unplug gently with handle gently the wool inside ear, drop at unplugging the darker hair inside ear with tweezers next. Eye respect, should drip regularly only a few eyedrop (chloromycetin) can prevent eye ministry disease, the eye of long hair dog is easier inflammation, want special attention.

Toenail is repaired
Xiu Jia is simpler, need an edge only cut on the side of blood-vessel can, cannot cut too firm, because be met so,very easy lane hurts it. Xiu Jia had better form a habit as a child, every 2-3 week is cut, lest blood-vessel is too long toenail is too thick.

The doggie should bathe regularly, density is inspected sort reachs the accident of wool and decide. Side dog bathes should notice water is warm, summer also does not use too hot bath bath, cold water also is no good, wen Shui is the most appropriate. If there is flea on dog body, meet with warmer water effectively drive flea. But if the dog contracts skin disease, water Wen Taigao can have bad effect. Additional, should choose appropriate bath fluid (pet is special) , hairy dog uses the bath liquid with the gentle quality with a few higher protein, the bath liquid that the dog of flea should choose those who have the function that divide cootie to contain property of a medicine but should take care cannot inside bedew eye and ear. What if detect to still cannot put an end to dog body except cootie bath fluid,go up is pedicular with flea, can choose a dog to use except cootie. Flea neck is encircled. When bathing, want to use the each part of the dog as far as possible the fluid that protect wool, the effect will be more apparent.
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