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How does dog of make a diagnosis and give treatment catch a cold?
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The dog catchs a cold to because raise misgovern, weather,change suddenly more be caused by of catch a cold catch a cold. Ill dog is met commonly abrupt spirit is depressed, be afraid of cold. At the beginning of disease, the dog circulates nose fluid of clear water appearance, hind instead yellow is ropy shape, and rhinioscope ministry is dry, without sweat, temperature is controlled in 40 ℃ , at the same time anorexia. Afterwards is gas evolution the symptom that bronchopneumonia appears when phlogistic or the canal is pneumonic.

The remedial principle that the dog catchs a cold heats up demulcent, dispel the wind to come loose with solution cold give priority to. Use paracetamol normally 0.5 ~ 1 gram profess to convinced, how painful decide 2 ~ 4 milliliter intramuscular injection, 1 day 2. Send infection to prevent afterwards, can use antibiotic or sulphur amine remedy. When controlling temperature, can adopt brine of 5 % dextrose rice of a place of strategic importance of 250 milliliter, ground is loose 2 ~ of 1 milliliter, gentamicin 4 milliliter (every 80 thousand unit) mixture vein injects. In addition, still must maintain ill dog quiet, give more water; Winter notices heat preservation, prevent to repeat a cold, lest accentuate illness.