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Pet produces accident urgent processing
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1 traffic accident: If pet is already insensible, can dab her face makes her regain consciousness. If there is puke to clear clean above all inside oral cavity, pull body side direction the tongue at the same time next, assure to breathe unobstructed. If have traumatic haemorrhage, can oppress with bandage first hemostatic, send animal hospital in time cure next.

2 scald: Can have a department however with iciness, if systemic bedding face accumulates scald, can put the body into cold water, cool at least 5 minutes, after waiting for pet to be stabilized a little, send toward animal hospital cure immediately.

3 accidents bleed: Pet darling is traumatic when haemorrhage, want to affirm the position of haemorrhage above all. Normally haemorrhage dot can be enclothed by fur, want to cut off the wool all round first so, all round rub-up corrupt blood, with disinfection of tincture of iodine, reoccupy gauze is pressed pressure hemostatic. If cut haemorrhage is more than, going up to tangle to send closely toward pet hospital cure immediately with bandage by the base that control.