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The fish gets what disease easily each in the four seasons
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Spring (month of solar calendar 3-5) air temperature picks up gradually, it is commonly between 10-20 Celsius, water lukewarm environment grows at all sorts of pathogeny body aptly quite progenitive, especially 4-5 month is the peak season that fish comes on---"Barley yellow " . When hatch of early spring fry, roe suffers from water mildew easily; Fry basically suffers from cootie of fluke of bug of wheel bug, small melon bug, ring, answer mouth, fish to wait for piscine disease; Spring adult fish contracts microbial fish disease easily, the noxiousness that be like disease is haemorrhage disease, enteritis, sodden bug of iodic spore of the branchial, disease that print, silver crap is ill.
The summer (month of solar calendar 6-8) air temperature is commonly between 26-28 Celsius, fish comes on than spring slightly little, right now fingerling is brought up gradually, disease-resistant force increases somewhat. Infusorian, flagellate fish is accordingly ill drop off. Still exist continuously according to investigating the summer additionally the microbial fish of spring is ill, have sodden the skin of branchial, haemorrhage, bare, enteritis, disease that print. Right now, helminth has disease of anchor head Sao relatively general. When midsummer, high yield pond often incidental float pool.
Autumn (month of solar calendar 9-10) air temperature drops gradually, air temperature is commonly between 23-15 Celsius, water lukewarm environment is mixed basically spring is similar, especially 8-9 month is the peak season that fish comes on---"100 dew heart " , summerly beautiful fingerling is main rotifer having a car, small bug of melon bug, ring, answer taste cootie of fluke, fish to wait for piscine disease, fish of autumn big norms contracts microbial fish disease easily, the noxiousness that be like disease is haemorrhage disease, enteritis, sodden branchial wait for disease.
Winter (month of solar calendar 12-2) air temperature is inferior, it is commonly between 3-6 Celsius, produce piscine disease rarely commonly. Winter is fingerling puts in a suitable place to breed period, often because draw net or put oneself in another's position of carriage abrade fish, yi Kefa gives birth to water mildew; When water lukewarm taller when, disease of bug of possible generation inclined tube and disease of small melon bug; Fish of live through the winter is in water is warm under 10 Celsius when, the difference in temperature with because room of live through the winter is angry gentle warm water is too big, the fish causes chilblain of ministry of the top of head when anoxic float head.
The change of Chun Xiaqiu winter as air temperature is common piscine defect is current and preliminary Baconian rise have 12 kinds, among them verminosis basically has 7 kinds: Sao of bug of bug of wheel bug disease, small melon, ring, anchor head is ill, bug of silver crap iodic spore is piscine cootie disease, ill, china Sao is ill; Microbial disease basically has 5 kinds: Haemorrhage is ill (bare skin is ill) , enteritis, sodden branchial disease, print mildew of ill, water. Common saying says: "Pisciculture not acute communicable diseases, rich daze " . In piscicultural production, once produced piscine disease, light person the growth that can affect fish, development, the person that weigh can cause death of one part fish, because this must want value the job of prevention and cure of piscine disease, carry out actively " prevent early without disease, treat early unhealthily " guiding principle.
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