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How to cure pet chelonian
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The tortoise serves as a kind new occurrence alien pet, be raised those who bestow favor on lover to love. Its disposition is docile, not captious to food, raise extremely easily. But those who need an attention is, the tortoise is good move, raise a space cannot too narrow, best can undertake sunbathe everyday.

Choose and buy

Buying a healthy tortoise is important the first step, such is in the following the meeting in raising is convenient a lot of. The turtle that the picture of a few data that wants bought chelonian or referenced other already raised had better watch first before buying, lest is deceived when buy. The limb that helps tortoise is pulled gently with the hand when buying, if its effectively is retractile or struggle, making clear is healthy chelonian, examine the anus of chelonian then, if have defecate pollution, show enteron may have a problem. In addition, observe whether its are lively even carefully, pace is normal, response is sensitive.

Hello feed

The calcium with tortoise many need is qualitative, should feed eat the food that contains a large number of calcium to pledge. Can feed feed the tortoise with a few balanced nutrition special feed, can feed now and then some go the fresh food such as the cruelly oppress of bone, dried. But feed the meeting such as cruelly oppress, cutlet to cause only hidebound, need adds the nutrient agent of water dissolve type, still can match feed the vegetable such as some of dish leaf, carrot, the need of compensatory vitamin.


If do not have ultraviolet illuminate, the tortoise cannot use calcium to pledge, the turtle shell of young chelonian becomes easily extremely soft. Accordingly, can put its before going to work in the morning outdoor, after coming off work in the evening, move again indoor, make its proper bask, enhance a constitution. In disease respect, still give priority to in order to prevent, prevent a bacterium to enter system by the cut of abrade inside. Dipping can be used when cure, the antibiotic with systemic proper inflict. Nevertheless, some tortoises will be allergic to antibiotic, special attention wants when use antibiotic.