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Little sweet pig raises a technology
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Little sweet pig, china is particular, have raise easily, feed pay is high, market is good wait for a characteristic, it is the good project that broad farmer takes off deficient to become rich, of little sweet pig specific raise a technology to be as follows:   

1. builds fine pig house to should choose physical features of a place dry, carry wind direction this world on the back, the place of level off builds pig house. The form of piggery uses sheet to list type or biserial type all but, but must use wall of bricky stone build by laying bricks or stones, cement wipes a face, so that rinse,clean, maintain piggery cleanness. The piggery of little sweet pig should be built than average pig house a few taller. Raise according to little sweet pig door experience, every little sweet pig should cover an area of 0.8 square metre, every circle raises 8 ~ 10 appropriate. The field that discharge dung should be set outside piggery, the area of the field that discharge dung should compare piggery a bit bigger, by every pig 1.5 square metre are calculated, 10 pigs should construct the field discharging dung of 15 square metre. Piggery should take summer the mat-awning of block shade. Should use plastic canopy in the winter in order to raise room temperature, this is a when raise little sweet pig fundamental condition.   

Pig of young of 2. aggrandizement lactation manages raise to feed good young swine is the key that raises survival rate and commodity pig, after little sweet pig is born, want to secure the tit of good sow, pig inviting a son eats good colostrum, strengthen heat preservation, let its precocity feed, after be born 4 days commonly, can fill feed concentrated feed, in January age hind be about to inject in time epidemic disease of lung of swine fever, swine erysipelas, pig is vaccinal.   

Pig of nurturance of 3. scientific raise is little sweet pig is lively good move, recreant be afraid of fright, should keep quiet so, dry, clean raise an environment. Give priority to raise to feed with the feed such as barley, rice bran, bran. But want raise to feed formula feed to ablactationing young pig, its feed recipe is: Corn 10 % , rice bran 50 % , soya-bean cake 10 % of 8 % ~ , bran 30 % , flour 1 % , salt 0.5 % , every kilograms of feed should contain digestible energy 10.5 million are anxious, crude protein 16.2 % . To raise feed pay, reach the level of commodity pig as soon as possible, should execute scientific raise to feed, it is to should time, daily 4 eat, began at 7 o'clock from in the morning, every other is fed 4 hours; 2 it is mensurable, to weight the pig of 20 kilograms of above, by its the 4.5 % of weight are cast makings, the pig of 20 kilograms of less than is cast by the 3.5 % of its weight makings. Be restricted after the open before be being accomplished at the same time, namely in Feburary age Rangjiduo activity, close to its grow frame, in Feburary age hind, limit its activity, close to its grow fat, in order to assure higher rate giving the meat.   
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