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Canine tapeworm is ill
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Tapeworm is in alvine path helminth of the dog, it is a kind of the longest helminth, a lot of more phyletic, very big to healthy harm of the dog. Can cause a dog symptom of path of bowel of hidebound, angular, anaemic, stomach and nerve symptom, the person that weigh can bring about the whole body feeble death. Can be inside canine put oneself in another's position the tapeworm of parasitism, have 13 kinds or so about at present, narrate main tapeworm as follows now:
(1) tapeworm of canine abdomen aperture: Parasitism in the small intestine at the dog, 15-70 of bug body length centimeter, wide 3 millimeter. Androgynous. Intermediate host is flea kind.
(2) fabaceous shape takes tapeworm: 60-100 of bug body length centimeter, wide 5 millimeter, androgynous, intermediate host is hare, for a variety of rodent animals.
(3) bubble account takes tapeworm: 75-500 of bug body length centimeter, wide the biggest 7 centimeters, androgynous. Intermediate host is an artiodactyl, ox, sheep, deer, pig.
(4) the tapeworm that crack a head: Body length can amount to 10 meters, the biggest width 2 centimeters, but general and lesser, intermediate host is all sorts of fish.
(5) tapeworm of granule thorn ball: Millimeter of body length 2-6, have 3-5 only proglottis, intermediate host is sheep, ox, pig, deer and rat kind.
(6) much fillet tapeworm: Body length 40-100 centimeter, the biggest width 5 millimeter, intermediate host is the ruminant such as ox, sheep.
(7) take tapeworm continuously: Body length 20-70 centimeter, wide 3-5 millimeter, intermediate host is the rodent such as hare, squirrel, hare.
[the action that cause disease] be in when bug body inside body when a large number of parasitism, the crotchet of bug body head and acetabulum bite add on small intestine mucous membrane, cause injury of alvine mucous membrane and enteritis, bug body absorbs the nutrition with many airframe, grow to the dog development creates an obstacle; Make airframe hidebound, angular, anaemic. Bug body shoots a process in era in, secrete toxin ceaselessly, stimulate airframe, can appear body of bug of neurosis state branch is in alvine path gather into the group, can cause alvine block, volvulus, bowel to cover the symptom such as alternate and alvine perforation.
[symptom] when tapeworm is affected, the dog does not show a symptom mostly. When spending infection again, can appear symptom of alvine catarrh, enteritis, haemorrhage sex enteritis, vomiting. When bowel the canal goes against peristaltic bug body in accessibility stomach, body of the bug when vomiting can follow gastric content matter together bring up. Excrement and urine can see the proglottis that falls off in great quantities. Have a dog visible and discrepant be addicted to, have a sex depressed of angular, hidebound, anaemic, spirit. Some has the nerve symptom, symptom such as convulsive, convulsion it is thus clear that.
[diagnose] it is OK to have desquamation proglottis according to be being stuck all round anus or is the bug body proglottis that fall off in excrement and urine diagnose. Lab excrement and urine is checked, can see below microscope tapeworm egg tries to decide.
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