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Scabies mite is ill
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One kind disease of canine scabies mite is the dog that causes by scabies mite bug sends natural disposition dermatosis chronically. Common calls insane skin disease. Feature: Canine show itchs for drama disturbed, be fallen off to reach dermatitis symptom by wool.
[cause of disease] the canine scabies mite that mite of scabies mite division, scabies belongs to. Imago shows apophysis of circle, small yellow white, back, belly compressed. Female mite bug grows 0.30-0.45 millimeter, male bug grows 0.19-0.23 millimeter. The body distributes a share, front calls a back bosom, mix the 2nd pair sufficient, back end calls a back abdomen, have 3 with the 4th pair sufficient, substance appearance has fine horizontal grain, awl dash forward, scale and bristle, there is one to be opposite at the back of false head short thick perpendicular bristle, back bosom has the cuirass of a rectangle, anus is located in on the brim that carries abdominal back end on the back. Bug body n has 4 to be opposite dumpy sufficient, around two pairs sufficient the distance between is further. In male bug the 1st, 2, 4 pairs sufficient go up. Female bug is in 12 pairs sufficient go up to have an acetabulum each. The 3rd pair in male bug sufficient with female bug the 3rd, 4 pairs sufficient the extreme that go up has a long bristle each. Egg is shown elliptic, size is 150X100 micron on average.
[life history] the development of scabies mite needs to pass egg, larval, nymph and imago 4 phase. Its are all development process is spent on canine body, finish inside L-3 week commonly. Scabies mite digs authentic channel on canine cutaneous skin, female bug lays eggs inside channel, lifetime of every female bug can lay eggs 20-50. Egg hatch is larva, larva has 3 to be opposite sufficient, millimeter of body length 0.11-0.14. The larva of hatch climbs skin surface, in small burrow of the authentic on the skin, it is nymph in the degenerate inside acupuncture point, nymph getting digs the tube with simple authentic into the skin, exuvial inside into imago. The life of female bug arranges 3-4 week, male bug is in copulatory hind death.
Scabies mite disease sends He Chunchu of Yu Dong season, autumn end more. Because these are seasonal radial illuminate is insufficient, canine hair is thick and long, especially the dog abandons the circumstance with environmental bad, damp sanitation to fall, suit the development of mite bug and breed most, the dog comes on the most easily.
[symptom] canine scabies mite young dog is more serious, much first result head, bridge of the nose, ministry of orbit, ear reachs bosom, develop trunk and limb next. The skin at the beginning of disease has rash shape brief summary aglow, the surface has many bran state scurfy, then the skin is added thick, be fallen off by wool, the surface enclothes scab skin, chap. Ill dog drama is urticant, often scratch with hind legs catch, attrition, should the skin is caught defeat or can bleed after scab skin burst, the ministry suffers from to be able to have purulent sex secretion when having infection, have a stink.
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