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Mite of canine squirm form is ill
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Disease of mite of canine squirm form is the canine squirm form that belongs to by mite of form of division of squirm form mite, squirm the skin of one seed coat that mite causes a dog verminosis. Its parasitism is mixed at canine sebaceous glands inside wool bursa. This disease calls wool cysticercus disease or fat mite disease again. Be a kind common and stubborn dermatosis.
[cause of disease] the parasitism mite that squirm form mite is a kind of small body. Female bug grows 0.25-0.30 millimeter, wide 0.045 millimeter. Male bug grows 0.22-0.25 millimeter, wide about 0.045 millimeter. Can divide on bug substance appearance for head, bosom, abdomen 3 parts, mouthparts is needed by a pair limb of limb, a pair of chela that prick shape and below the mouth board composition; Bosom has 4 to be opposite very short sufficient, abdomen is long and thin, the surface is densely covered horizontal grain. The reproductive aperture of male bug starts to talk at the reverse side. The reproductive aperture of female bug is in n. Bug egg submits shuttle form, long make an appointment with 0.07-0.09 millimeter.
[life history] the overall growth process of mite of canine squirm form undertakes on canine put oneself in another's position. Female bug lays eggs in parasitism place. Development history includes egg, larval, nymph, imago 4 phase. Egg gives 3 pairs of sufficient larva in parasitism place hatch, become 4 pairs of sufficient nymph next, final degenerate becomes adult. Mite of canine squirm form is except parasitism outside wool bursa, sebaceous glands, still can live inside lymph node, grow over progenitive, change is inside helminth.
This ill happening is much dog and healthy dog are contacted each other and affect due to illness. Also can affect secondhand through intermediary. The resistance of squirm form mite is very strong, can survive many days in the outside, can affect a person, children and woman feel more easily than the man.
[symptom] symptom of squirm form mite can be divided for two model. Scale bits: Advocate if its are reached in eyelid all round, wait between bottom of frontal ministry, lip, neck, elbow, foot place happen depilate, bald spot, end is apparent, accompany the skin spends tide gently red with skin of bran shape bits, the skin can have coarse with chap, some has it is thus clear that nodular. The skin can become hoar, suffer from a ministry not to itch. Some can keep for long archetypal.
Pustular model: After affecting squirm form mite, be in more above all next abdomen see an inside have gules hammock rash. Small abscess turns into after a few days, what the person that weigh has an abdomen to issue an inside bedding face to accumulate red white alternate with it is thus clear that is small protuberant, come loose have peculiar stink. Ill dog can behave uneasiness, have urticant feeling. When parasitism of mite of many squirm form, can cause systemic skin infection, be fallen off by wool, pustular broken ulcer is formed after;burst;ulcerate;festering, and infection of Ke Jifa bacterium, symptom of occurrence whole body, the person that weigh can cause death.
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