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The ego when dog dog produces sickness is diagnosed
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Dog dog is to be able to bear or endure hunger is not able to bear or endure full, should eat only so when exceeding an amount, it can produce vomitive action! When vomitting, you should watch the color of puke and pattern, ability is in what the doctor lets clearer when seeing a doctor to know dog dog after all how

If 1. is spat those who come is saliva, great majority is the problem of esophagus, like esophagus eyewinker (food card is in esophagus 內 , it is) of bone house majority normally, or it is cardiac congenital disease, bend of perpetuation sex right artery, can be informed at this o'clock by the doctor's examination!

If 2. is spat those who come is food, and eat food immediately again go back, the thing is done not have later, such vomiting is the vomiting that belongs to physiology sex, namely the vomiting of similar regurgitation, such vomiting need not see a doctor.
3. If the color of puke is transparent or be for nothing rare rare, this is gastric juice, namely gastric excretive hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, this kind vomiting with the affection of acute gastritis 況 is the longest see, but after if spit,be over normal, can not see a doctor first, as long as abstinence 12 small 時 are OK, if vomiting lasts, that still should see a doctor, because also be gastric bowel likely,be it is hepatic problem or it is a kidney problem or it is pancreas the sickness that phlogistic place causes!
4. If the color of puke is yellow olivine is green, what represent then is bile was spat to come, the vomiting that sees this kind of color normally should see a doctor! Because the state of this delegate is very much, besides the problem such as pancreas of afore-mentioned liver kidney, still have the cankerous problem that gastric bowel!
Still having a kind of state is spit those who come is yellow olivine is green, but happen before have not take food more, and after be being spat dog dog all the day normal, this is biliary vomiting disease group if spit the puke color that come,be coffee, either feed or it is alimental color, however the color of gastric juice is coffee when, this is representing gastric ministry to have haemorrhage, the commonnest is gastric ulcer and duodenum ulcer!
5. If be vermeil, so 別 is again hesitant, this is acute haemorrhage, send medical service quickly!
Whole looks, although dog dog often is after vomiting the appearance with respect to as if nothing happened, vomit besides what give birth to reason actually beyond the problem (regurgitation) , had better take a hospital to look, if slight should eat only it is OK to take medicine, but if you feel it looks full still good, and if taking it to go to a hospital looking, it may turn by pure agnail and become serious ulcer or be haemorrhage, to moment afflictive is dog of dogginess of your that heart however!
The dog had better not have character, especially gallinaceous duck kind acerb bone. Because the dog is swallowed,the bone of acute edge causes loss of the mucous membrane inside the stomach easily, progress can develop acute gastric ulcer, ill dog vomits suddenly now, do not feed, the acute symptom such as bellyacke, cure of incur loss through delay can develop it is chronic gastric ulcer
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