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How is young dog raised
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(one) eat colostrum in time postpartum 3, inside 5 days galactic call colostrum, common says " latex " . Colostrum is galactic thick stiff, color yellow, summary belt fishy smell, it is the aliment with young good dog. Young dog eats colostrum early to heal more hard fact, because colostrum contains rich nutrient material, be equivalent to young dog " strong medicine " . It is compared with constant breast, dry matter content is high double, among them protein is tall 3, 5 times; Mineral 1.5 times taller; The vitamin is 3 times taller. Colostrum is equivalent to young dog again " safe medicine " , it contains the antibody that foal dog place needs first, fight oxide qualitative, enzymatic reach hormone to wait. Additional, colostrum has laxation effect again, stimulative embryo eduction. The place on put together is narrated, colostrum is very important to young dog, should as early as possible, guide young dog to eat colostrum as soon as possible.
(2) assist lactation battalion to raise the mother dog with good, strong maternal instinct, the frequency of lactation, time can master by oneself, do not need factitious interpose. Young dog 1, 15 day age phase answer everyday at least lactation 5 above, 15, 30 day age phase everyday lactation can fall come 4 times, but secrete breast ability the mother dog with low or poor maternity, lactation frequency is mixed lesser every time secrete breast time is shorter, young dog be on short commons, the person that raise a dog should notice its are sucking at any time circumstance, enforce artificially when necessary its increase lactation frequency and extend secrete breast time. Strengthen to mother dog raise management, make its maternity increases, institutional lactation. In January age the left and right sides, the dog meets the mother say the food with a few preliminary and masticatory courses to young dog to eat, this is the important step that young dog lives independently, lay next foundations to ablactation.

(3) send breast, also call fosterage death of postpartum mother dog or kitten overmuch or mother milk is insufficient, can give other parent dog young dog ask sb to bring up one's child, pledge actually even if search for redundant young dog " wet nurse " . "Wet nurse " must disposition is docile, without cacoethes having son, effective tit is much, galactic and enough. Before fosterage, first will " wet nurse " galactic or fluid besmear is in make water to be gotten on personally by the young dog of fosterage, make its are contained " wet nurse " same flavor, easy by " wet nurse " accept. To prevent to produce an accident, divide severe outside adding nurse, can wear buccal basket to mother dog, after the dog that need a parent accepts young dog completely, ability removes nurse.

(4) artificial lactation is like fosterage to cannot satisfy need, or look for less than adding up to applicable mother dog, can use artificial nurse. Before artificial lactation, must let young dog eat maternal colostrum, in order to increase the disease-resistant capacity of young dog, be helpful for raising survival rate. Because canine breast is thick stiff, dry matter is much, pure with milk lactation nutrition insufficient, pink of some of milk powder, dried meat floss, beans, saccharide should be added to wait in milk. Begin artificial lactation, in 10 days of less than, nurse a quantity everyday not less than 100 milliliter, divide with infantile feeding bottle 4, feed 6 times. 10, quantities of 20 day age lactation increase 300 milliliter, young dog can train to eat congee shape food oneself after 25 day age.
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