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The common disease of hamster
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One, next dysentery
The reason of next dysentery has a lot of kinds, the different, weather that feed changes suddenly becomes cold suddenly, the change that raises an environment repeatedly can cause next dysentery likely also, if be next this kind of pure dysentery, great majority rests sanatorium in the home compensatory moisture can be cured.
But there is a lot of among the illness of next dysentery is next dysentery that belong to dangerous sex, if the word of cure of incur loss through delay is probable what can create rat mouse is sick into death, can not despise rat rat have loose bowels absolutely so this thing, still do not observe a patient's condition 3 days two, should be about to take them to look to the doctor quickly when discovering at the beginning.
Next dysentery can divide into about following 4 kinds:

1, bacterial sex enteritis
(Because 1) reason and symptom ate environment of corrupt food, epinosic to cause physical strength to become poor, because affect to the bacterium influence,went to what what the absorption of intestines causes to issue dysentery next.
(The way that 2) treats methodological initial stage to be able to use profess to convinced uses antibiotic or be antidiarrheal will treat, but if do not have improvement instead if illness aggravation has the appearance of dehydration, be about to add complement agent of a few nutrition (those who be like my courtyard fast fill fight should stimulate agent) . Pet hospital cure arrives with respect to need if if because issue dysentery,cause rectum,happening from the case of anal emergence.

2, fungus sex enteritis
(1) reason and semiotic fungus namely microbial, the approach that affects with bacterial sex enteritis is a little similar, the rat rat constitution that affects mostly can become poor, the inspection that passes microscope can discover the existence of fungus.
(The way that 2) treats a method to be able to pass profess to convinced is taken at the same time antidiarrheal and fight fungus agent.

3, helminth sex enteritis
(1) reason and symptom are so called because what the helminth inside bowel causes,helminth sex enteritis is. The symptom is soft mostly mix water.
(2) treats a method but at the same time antidiarrheal of profess to convinced is mixed drive helminth medicine, additional of the rat rat of have loose bowels must clear immediately and try basket to disinfect.

4, wet end disease
(1) reason and semiotic formal name are infectivity answers enteritis. Because the tail can have wet wet appearance, be called so wet end disease, current and clinical diagnose very difficult. The young rat of week of the 3~5 after be born especially is particularly common disease of this kind of wet end.
(2) treats a method as far as possible early discovery early treatment, because mortality is very tall.

2, constipation
Everybody did not think of 1 reason and symptom rat rat also is met constipation! If the appetite of rat rat is very normal and the word with the very few quantity of defecate or it is to be done not have completely, and if abdomen has bit of expanding feeling, that is probable be constipation. Costive reason may be by bacterium or it is virus and helminth infection, or it is raised environmental change causes constipation likely.
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