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Raise a dog to need an attention
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The choice of dog column can use the house with have sunshine illuminate, ventilated property fine to raise, building with 12 meters long, 10 meters wide, tall 2.5 ~ 3 meters advisable. A Sha Shi, the side horn of dog column fills up board, convenient lie sleep, with door of iron wire make it.
Child the raise nursling dog of the dog can ablactation 50 days the circle is raised, feed 3 ~ 4 times everyday, feed every time 78 into full advisable. When waiting for sexual desire, raise fair, bitch in time apart. Right full in March age fleshy dog can use mixed feed feed, long fat is fast, give column fast. Feed recipe: Rice, corn each 30 % , pink of bran, beans each 10 % , salt, succulence each 1 % , bone dust 2 % , fish meal 6 % , fine rice bran 10 % . Gruel of feed appropriate make it, or mix cake of divide evenly evaporate feeds a dog. In addition, can add the meat at ordinary times kind, vitamin kind, alone raise feeds make it soup.

The rut of dog of raise foster mother of bitch is in more spring, autumn two season. The fair dog that should choose strong, lofty, health is seasonable as copulatory as bitch, bitch is pregnant 60 days to be able to be produced child. Bosom pregnancy feeds some of high grade feed more, the soup that be like a fish, bone soup, face antenatal to feed quantity discretionary reduction. Most bitch produces per year 2 embryoes, every embryo 2 ~ 8 child. Produce the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, produce a nest to want cleanness. Bitch lactation, brown sugar or dextrose pink are added inside feed, feed 3 times everyday.

The prevention and cure of the disease one, hydrophobic: When the circle raises fleshy dog to ablactation, inject with 836 hydrophobic vaccine, every 1 milliliter, at ham inside intramuscular injection, lie between 30 days to inject 1 times again, immune period is 6 ~ 8 months. 2, dysenteric: Fleshy dog occurrence anorexia, anus goes up, the symptom such as have loose bowels, can mix terramycin, dry yeasty pulverize gruel feeds a dog, feed 2 times everyday, take 2 ~ 3 days repeatedly. 3, canine acute communicable diseases is hot: Ill dog occurrence vomiting, temperature is elevatory, canthus has mushy mucus, fu lies, the symptom such as anorexia. Use gentamicin everyday unit of 80 thousand international, 40 % Wu Luo is held in the palm taste 5 milliliter, intramuscular injection. Also can add feed pyrimidine of tetracycline, sulphanilamide piece, feed 2 times everyday normally, feed 3 ~ 5 days to be able to regain appetite repeatedly.