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The groovy physiology index of dog dog
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The personages of dogginess dog often as a result of the normal physiology index of dog of not clear dog bungle illness, announce its as follows especially now, hope our dog dog of can healthy joy grow
Mean life: 10 ~ 15 years
The gender is mature: 7 ~ in December age
Sexual cycle: 180 (126 ~ 240) day
Gestation: 60 (58 ~ 63) day.
Temperature (rectum temperature) : First foal dog 35.5 ~ 36 degrees, young dog, grown dog 37.5 ~ 39 degrees.
Breathing number: 10 ~ 30 / minute. Pulse number: 70 ~ 120 / minute.
Ablactation time: 45 day age.
Psychosis: Be good at dog is address and agile, response is quick, the eye is bright, assume a manner of levity.
Spirit can be behaved unusually be depressed or excited. If downhearted, logy or the action is slow-witted stand, unresponsive dim, even Mian of be addicted to or insensible, see more at heat venereal, or the danger of the disease is serious period. If frighten disturbed, collide turn circle, bark furiously chaos cries, atttack person cultivate even, see more at cerebral disease, canine acute communicable diseases heats up neurosis shape, hydrophobic reach certain and toxic disease to wait. Athletic condition: Healthy dog pose is natural, the action is quick and harmonious. If situation of station standing position is factitious, when expression reachs athletic obstacle limpingly, likely limbs is skeletal, joint or muscle produce aching sex disease. Limb paresis or break down, the purpose stands and struggle repeatedly, common at hind legs paraplegia, lumbar sprain and mother dog are postpartum wind. In all aid is maladjusted, move blindly, see more suffer from at neurological disease. Limb is rigid, form if trojan, show for tetanic properties. By furry skin: Main examination by wool condition, depilate a circumstance, skin temperature and humidity, skin flexibility, outside helminth, papule and property of body watch strut and have without traumatic etc.
Be good at dog is arranged by Maoping, be full of burnish, outside dividing natural molt, depilate not easily at ordinary times. Hidebound, management is bad, contract digestion disease, verminosis, when contagion or chronic dermatosis and certain and toxic disease, criterion by Mao Moguang lustre, the whole body or local depilate. Turn bald wool into the dog even, dog of n/med leprosy skin, still see rash sometimes spot piece. Nose end: The nose end of healthy dog is general cool and wet, if be in normal activity moment, nose end is behaved dry or companion has knit crackle, end of hand tactility bazoo is tepid, state this dog temperature is elevatory. Eye: Healthy dog eye is bright, inside the eye clean, eye conjunctiva is damask. Monocular eye conjunctiva tide is red, often fasten local inflammation be caused by. Double eye tide is red, give out heat as a result of systemic sex more sexual disease. Eye conjunctiva is cadaverous, see the anaemia at all sorts of types, verminosis, big exsanguine or internal haemorrhage. Eye conjunctiva Huang Ran (icteric) , because bilirubin is ad cool-headed,be and present yellow, at canine haemorrhage sex it is thus clear that icteric hook carries helicoid disease and haemolysis sex disease. If the secretion of sticky stiff sex appears inside the eye, wait at heat of canine acute communicable diseases, cold, cachexia it is thus clear that. Corneal and muddy, see at canine infectivity hepatitis or corneal materiality inflammation. When watching an eye additionally, still should notice to have the bug that do not have an eye, eyeball have without film of emergence, eye wait without hypertrophy. Excrement and urine: Check defecate whether unobstructed, the character of excrement and urine, the amount. The platoon does not give defecate to be accumulated for gastric bowel feed, intestinal obstruction, intussusception. Excrement and urine becomes rare, quantitative increase, carry blood at gastroenteritis; excrement and urine it is thus clear that, visible wait at giving acute communicable diseases of gastroenteritis of courage and uprightness, dog to heat up. The blood that the feature of excrement and urine with ill poison of canine fine ailment is appearance of eduction tomato juice. Uric fluid: Micturition exert duty, disturbed, it is micturition ache expression, it is cystitis more, urethritis. Uric quantity is decreased scarce at acute nephritis or bladder paralytic, complete not micturition or uric fluid dripping wet distill, feeling bladder bilges full, see at stone of complete or not complete make water. Color of normal urine fluid is small yellow, crystal, make water is like crimson, for blood in the urine, see at make water the road is affected, stone. Uric fluid is muddy, albuminuria, clew has nephritis to wait.
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