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How does the dog of fatten reduce weight?
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Fat dog is adipose hypodermically, between muscle and muscle, the stomach inside abdominal cavity and alvine canal have adipose and deposit move, especially mesentery is adherent and many adipose, wait for even heart and liver even all round have thick adipose. Come so, splanchnic organ cannot activity, of course life is not long also.
Occupy data statistic to make clear, in fat dog, the sausage dog that leg weak point is not good at moving occupies 39 % , spanish beagle occupies 19 % , japanese intermediate occupies 18 % , loose lion dog occupies 16 % , other dog occupies 8 % .
So, how fat dog should reduce weight? Above all, want to have proper time, take it to move. Next, feed mensurable food to it inside fixed time everyday, cannot eat more to it. The 3rd, eat to the dog low quantity of heat, low adipose food, had better be to give it to eat chicken interfuse vegetable. For example sausage dog the dish of 1 eat, can be: 2 2 chicken breast, cabbage. A few salt are added when boiling. After thoroughlying cook mincing, mix divide evenly, feed it to eat. Morning and evening is fed 1 times each. Water needs 24 hours to supply. Besides, do not feed any other things again.

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