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Play Professor Gao Duan Pet Hospital Dr. Zuozhen pulse
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More than 10 person is an associate professor Zuo Tang, eight or nine doctoral "pulse," a doctor, this is not what the top three hospitals in specialist clinics, but a pet hospital play the "lineup." Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational-Technical College opened yesterday, pet hospital chain opened in Nanjing, which is the first country from the vocational colleges and enterprises together to create a pet hospital. In this reporter saw the pet hospital, various medical equipment readily available, with the clinical laboratory, B-Room, X-ray, pet clinic room, small animals, pet grooming rooms, operating rooms and six sections. "This hospital is also our point of research cooperation, training of students and teachers a platform for scientific research, and we veterinary professor, researcher, PhD on a regular basis over and resident rotation Zuozhen, where students have an internship training opportunities. "Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational-Technical College president, said Huang Yan, this is the start of the third school pet hospital chain in the future also plans to open the hospital to Wuxi and Suzhou. It is understood that the Pet Hospital of Nanjing 50, employing nearly 400 people, pet health care spending each year nearly one million. "Jiangsu Jiangsu in the first province to achieve the provisions of pet doctor must have a 'practicing veterinarians' certificates to job openings, so the pet hospital is relatively standard, we pet 160 medical graduates each year, always to be booked in advance, supply and demand ratio of 1 : 5, and that graduates of the entrepreneurship rate is particularly high, about 10% to account, because the pet hospital to open a general cost is not high, about 10 million will be able to get, while the risk is not large. "Agriculture and Forestry University Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department Xing Jun said.