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"Veterinary medicine man" into the open secret of Texas Pet Hospital
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Pets got sick, but employing the use of drugs for treatment, this is all an open secret that pet medical institutions. Recently, this reporter visited the German city found that many pet hospital, veterinary medicine who is widespread. And there is no standard drug prices, and some pet hospital actually cheap buy expired medicines for human use for pets to use. Press survey Veterinary medicine is common people 7, who lives in East is Red Road, a district Zhao told reporters that her family's pet dog two days ago with fever, diarrhea and other symptoms, Zhao pet take it to a nearby hospital, the light spent nearly 50 yuan to buy medicine . She said that in addition to high fees other than the doctor in the course of treatment to the pets, most people use the drug treatment, "like gentamicin, and some people use anti-inflammatory drugs." Zhao said he worried about pets on human drug allergy, the doctor said veterinary less for their drugs used in pet therapy and more human use of the drug, and has always been to do so. 8, to pet owners as a reporter visited Texas several pet hospital, veterinary medicine that exist in the phenomenon of people, and drug prices are more than several times the price of drugs to pharmacies or even higher. When a reporter informed pet diarrhea, the doctors said a pet can be used gentamicin. Asked who will not produce side effects veterinary medicine, he explained that, as long as control the amount of drugs there is no problem. The reporters found that the hospital be placed on the shelves of many drugs labeled "Zhunzi" the cephalosporins, and others Qingkailing medication, also piled in the corner of the room a couple of cases with normal saline and glucose solution. "Veterinary medicine is relatively small, say some people are also very effective medication for pets, pet rule Haojiu Hang the disease." Challenge to reporters, a pet hospital staff said. SELF Insider Some even use the expired drugs A pet owner of anonymity, said fewer varieties of pet veterinary medicine, while the relatively large variety of human medicine, and many people started to use animal drugs test, drug production relatively fine, the effect of natural relative veterinary medicine better. "Veterinary medicine man" is an open secret that all the pet hospital, "Drug prices in accordance with the pet owner may be feeling, and there is no uniform standard." According to the owner introduced a large number of livestock or poultry use of veterinary drugs, but because large doses of veterinary drugs, is not suitable for small pets, the relative effectiveness of drugs used by people better. "Effective drugs for people does not apply to pets, such as PPA (polyphosphoric acid) in treatment of human diarrhea is very effective, but used in pets are likely to cause allergies and even a pet death. Pet doctors who need to be strictly controlled drugs on pets applicable, the use of antibiotics but also to pay attention. "The owner told reporters that some pet medication too casual, there are some hidden dangers. "Very cheap purchase individual animal hospital who is about to expire or expired medication, used in lower prices or rural pet some 'Tugou' body, pet owners do not care about this too, which does great harm to small animals . "the shopkeeper said. Public statement Can cure the disease on the line as long as Veterinary medicine for the phenomenon of journalists who were asked about 20 people, most people expressed the hope that the pet hospital to safe and effective way to cure the sick pets, and do not leave any hidden dangers, "if the best with special veterinary medicine, after all, veterinary medicine dosage relative to seize more effectively, reducing the chance of pet accidents. " Some people think that varieties of veterinary medicine relative small, therapeutic range is relatively limited, one can alleviate the problem of veterinary medicine and veterinary medicine because of some relatively low prices medication, pet owners can also reduce the financial burden. Yang, who lives in North Hubin Road, said pet is not the same people, the sick pet rule Haojiu Xing, As to the method is also not to pay attention, "say those drugs on people, as long as nothing happens, why not use the pets ah? " Expert response Found to be members of the public to report Texas City Hospital, said Dr. Zhao Feng, people use drugs for treatment of human disease specialist medicine. Although in some cases, employment of medical drugs to treat diseases of animals, but people and pets in body weight, there are different physiological function, so people need to care veterinary medicine, medicine volume control is not good, it will lead to pets security incidents. Feed the pets of people with an expired medication, would cause great harm pets. He also said the drug is not an ordinary item, improper use of various adverse reactions occur, so people medicine, veterinary medicine should be separated, in strict accordance with doctor's prescription. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Dezhou, director Li Xuehai epidemic control center, said, according to "Veterinary Regulations" provisions of veterinary drugs is strictly prohibited person. Violation of the provisions of this Ordinance, unless ordered to immediately correct pet medical institutions, but also on the law at 1 million units to 5 million fine. He also said that at present is to further standardize German city pet market, members of the public who found the pet hospital for veterinary medicine phenomenon, can go to the Animal Husbandry Bureau of Dezhou City, reported.