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Pet Hospital pharmacy abuse of "cross" was rampant
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"Red Cross" symbol of the organization's proprietary marks the Red Cross, the state's use of the logo, there are strict requirements. However, recent careful reflection of the people but to the newspaper, in the Binhai New Area on the streets, some pharmacies, pet hospitals have chosen to "Red Cross" sign made signs to attract customers to indiscriminate use of gold, abuse. In this regard, counsel said, "Red Cross", "Green Cross" is a sign of divine serious abuse will be breaking the law. Public rebellion: Pharmacy signs actually use the "Red Cross" Fujian North Road in Tanggu, a company called "poly Yuan Tang large pharmacy" signs rise to the attention of the public Fung: "how to see how awkward this brand, then a closer look at the original sign has a symbol of the Red Cross." According to Fung introduced red plaque on the green background of the "Red Cross" sign is eye-catching, and in about four meters of light plaque, the "Red Cross" is also impressively into the head. "As far as I know, the Red Cross logo is the international symbol of humanitarian aid, is the independent use of the international unity of the Red Cross logo, with the effect of international law. The pharmacy how such use can not just do?" Mr Fung said . According to Fung, the clues provided, yesterday afternoon, this reporter came to interview at this pharmacy. Salesperson told reporters that the date of opening of pharmacies to hang this plaque, and why link "Red Cross" sign, he is not very clear. Press survey: Widespread abuse of the cross logo Afterward, the reporter visited the streets found in Tanggu, "Red Cross" sign of widespread abuse. Road near several area in Hangzhou, the reporter found that some clinics, pet hospitals, is also frequently used in advertising the Red Cross flag. District 3 in Yichang in the wall hung an animal hospital on the billboards, cards on the "Red Cross" or even become a decoration, just like billboards printed in the middle. According to the elders, who lives in Yichang in the introduction, the home delivery of medicine in the leaflets, the "Red Cross" sign is often seen. In the Minjiang River in the area in front of a pet hospital, hanging a "Green Cross" signs, businesses in order to express more clearly the scope of hospital management, in Green Cross also be printed on both sides of a cat and a dog. According to informed sources, the "Green Cross" mark is applied for registration of Chinese medicine pharmacy business associations special signs, business practices also belong to the violations. Counsel responded: Cross identified the abuse of illegal The cross symbol is the phenomenon of abuse, the reporter for the first time do reflect to the relevant departments. Cui Lijun Yi Source Law Firm lawyer told reporters, "according to" Republic of China Red Cross Law "Article XIX, for the misuse of the Red Cross emblem, the Red Cross have the right to withhold use; refused to stop using the Red Cross Council may request the People's Government in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to be addressed. "Cui said the lawyer," Red Cross "symbol is sacred in the international sign of a serious, in the" Republic of China Red Cross emblem for use, "also clear that the pharmacy, veterinary hospitals and other institutions can not use the Red Cross, businesses of this approach is against the law. The "Green Cross" mark is the industry-specific signs, and transformation of abuse also are violations.