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A pet hospital charges no standard
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A few days ago, my dog was bitten, the wound is very small. Hexi District, we went to a pet hospital, dog in the back room staff do a simple wound treatment, playing a few stitches. Came out, the staff said to be a continuous fight Six or seven stitches. We asked what the specific needle play, the staff can not tell the full name of the needle. Moreover, the hospital is not the cost of treatment price list. We have two staff members were asked the price of anti-inflammatory acupuncture, a person is 30 Element, the other is 40. Originally, they want to charge us a few days of treatment costs nearly thousand dollars, because we only took 500 yuan in cash, so the final total charges 500 yuan. Small pet dog shot, but still so expensive Incredible. Readers of small South PS received a letter from a reader, the reporter interviewed some of the pet hospital, also met a similar situation. Pet hospitals are not published price list, depends on veterinary casually asking price. The same drugs, veterinary according to your own pet Cheap, decided the number of charges. Veterinary Authority and the Urban Chumu reporter made contact, the council Shou Yi Chu concerned, at present, the city authorities and no charges on the pet hospital pricing is basically to introduce a market Regulate prices. Pet hospitals and clinics are open to the charges, the cost of the operator in accordance with their own pricing. Members of the public suggested that relevant departments should formulate some regulations, pet hospital charges should be published.