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Pet Hospital must have three certified veterinary medical care for the anima
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In the future, Harbin Veterinary must hold relevant certificates. Yesterday, the 1242 candidates participate in the national test centers in Harbin Veterinary Licensing Examination. In the future, every pet should have three or more hospitals certified veterinarian, in order to move Thing to see a doctor. It is understood that this year will implement the practice of veterinary system, and once a year in the country and focus on examination, the examination of qualified veterinary staff issued a "practicing veterinary qualification certificate", can only get to practice veterinary qualifications In veterinary activities. Municipal Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau official said that, given past national access standards for practitioners not strictly required, resulting in a mixed standard of veterinary practitioners. The implementation of the system of veterinary practice, it is beneficial for the line Of the implementation of standardized management. In the future, each animal must have one or more clinics have certificates of veterinary staff, each animal (pet) the hospital must have three or more persons have veterinary certificates.