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Dog owners do not understand because of harassment training can not bully the sm
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Yesterday, gold satin and vocational college for graduates of his alma mater, Xie Pet Hospital opened for business cooperation, not only grateful for the ninth satin pet hospital opened, it will be gold vocational college students in the direction of pet medical practice base.
"Alma mater 77 years has been from the school, the school opened the beginning of the veterinary profession, this is a long history in the province. Now down to pet the medical direction of a development." Xie said as satin , this time they also invite local pet experts in the medical profession to payment for the six major student teaching, ranging from pet to pet medical culture, and the consequent social problems.

As a pet cause of neighborhood disputes, the city and pet issues such as high charges often hospitals make a lot of people headaches. Yesterday afternoon, this reporter interviewed industry experts, advice on how science and civilization pets.

Jinhua Pet Industry

Low level of the province

In preparation for the Pet Hospital, gold satin Vocational-Technical College has commissioned grateful for the pet market in Jinhua inspected. "Compared to the various cities of the province, Jinhua low level of the pet industry." Grateful for the satin draw their own findings. More modern urban empty nesters, people's spiritual life is more empty, the raising of pets to the dog as the representative of more and more families, Jinhua trend as well.

But a dozen visits to the pet clinic, he found that most doctors still rely on the naked eye clinic to determine your pet's illness, the lack of B-, biochemical blood tests, electron microscopy, bacterial culture and other equipment required for the project.

Some dog owners on how scientific, civilized understanding of dogs is not deep. Do not think that dog owners are dog lovers, in addition to the real Dog people outside, many people just having fun, and some unemployed youth and even large dogs that pull up and keep only the very imposing. Therefore, the quality and concept of dog owners there is a large gap.

Some pet medical student on the significance of their own professional prospects and a clear understanding "of their parents generation the concept of the veterinary inferior." He said that many fundamental concepts, it is because they believe that "animals are inferior."

I do not know most people only know how to dog training

"Not only is the Jinhua, in fact, every place will encounter this problem." Talking about social problems caused by dogs, a pet clinic from Hangzhou, the head of Ting said, it is difficult to cross this social problem, All depends on the dog through a period of time to enhance those values and qualities.

"A lot of dog owners as their loving, but regardless of your neighbors dog barking sleep disturbance, any discharge on the lawn, a sense of responsibility to society and others are missing?" The reporter tells part of the problems who have dog trouble public condemnation.

"Pet owners in general is biased in favor of love, but many people do not know how a dog." Small animal practice in Eastern and Western Veterinary Conference Secretary-General Jiang Hong said that many dog owners to deal with, defecation nothing can be done. These are not dogs, but of the owner of the problem. "Dogs and foster dogs are not the same concept, currently the majority of dog owners is the former." He said, that everyone still in the health guarantee dog, rather than to ensure the culture.

Jiang Hong, a clinical pet doctor, 10 years, has studied the culture of pets. In his view, people do not understand the culture of pets. For example, he saw an animal clinic abroad, "even if there are 100 dogs, not a noisy, the owner need not spend." However, we often bark around a pet clinic, have to hold the owner holding the doctor to give it a doctor.

Although many people raise from the dog, but in some of those cultural values in the dog, the dog is not the real family members. Lack of training the dog community organizations, if any, a lot of people are often faced with too few thousand dollars of their expensive tuition fees.

Pet doctor high medical ethics should be

Jinhua Pet Hospital on the market how the fees? Thank for the satin in the survey also very concerned about this issue. He said that although the pet hospital charges a lack of clear norms, but he visited the hospital most of the fairly reasonable, and little difference between the various clinics.

Why many pet owners feel that pets hospital charges too high? "Unlike humans pet clinic visits in the hospital with government investment, all costs are borne privately, and finally the cost of treatment will go Tandao animals." Xie as satin, this is your pet to see a doctor more often than one reason. Hangzhou Hospital admissions Ting believes that the number of pets affected the level of charges.

Pet doctor's ethics problems pet owners often been questioned. "Pet doctor pet owners should be a close friend." Jiang Hong said that in foreign countries, pet doctors are highly educated, high income, high social status of the population, social and moral requirements for this high. "If the pet medical ethics of doctors low, not only for pet owners to deceive, is bully small animals can not speak." Professionalization of the domestic veterinary qualifications this year examination, the professionalism of practitioners and ethical requirements are established threshold. He estimated that three to five years experience, the level of veterinary practitioners in the industry will be greatly improved.