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Is talent doggie met whether is arithmetic animal had exceed intelligence?
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The doggie is met arithmetic, this sounds unimaginably queer. The area still has mountain of Beijing stone scene really so a doggie. It not only can carry 99 multiplication table on the back, and perform arithmetical problem actually to the TV station. Divide this beyond, area of Beijing abundant stage also has a doggie to meet his holding cash actually the drug-store of excellent doorway buys ham bowel to eat. The doggie of these intellective train in excess specified length, they are inherent so clever, does master still attune teach in the right way? Still have the puppy that can you have abstract thinking really?

Reporter investigation: The doggie is met as expected arithmetical

"Our home Qi Qi gives looking glass many times, shi Jingshan TV station, beijing TV station has the program that it performs the 7th day! " the Liu Dajie that lives in ancient city of Shi Jingshan area mentions the doggie of her home is neat, begin enraptured ground boast ceaseless. She tells a reporter proudly: "The Qi Qi of my home but fame is outer, so big village did not know it, my ' the dog is friendly ' envy me, alone I have to this is only lovely ' arithmetical starlet ' . Want Qi Qi to come on the stage only, ' the dog is friendly ' it is a center with it. ' the dog is friendly ' it is a center with it..

The doggie Qi Qi that appears before the reporter is an auspicious baby of 2 years old, a pair of drop are smooth the big black eye that turn, raise the black ear of the move constantly, let a person see knowing is " argute ghost " , and the makings of all understand without being told that a suit is floating the hair color of the black and white alternate with of glossy knew it to gain host. Ground of very familiar with sth of Liu eldest sister introduces the arithmetical talent that had Qi Qi to us: "Namely before half an year, my husband's elder sister took 3 rock candy to amuse Qi Qi, let it identify the sugar number on the hand, do not think this bub sees the sugar on the hand is counted, cried 3 times immediately, my husband's elder sister to explore it, intended Tibet removed, it cries 2 times only immediately, such, we discovered its arithmetical talent accidentally. " saying, liu Dajie made a number the gesticulation of 6, ask Qi Qi " is this a few? " neat Qi Gaosheng made 6 times stop abruptly. Below favorable reputation of Liu Dajie, qi Qi received the award of a rock candy.

"Since then, when I walk a dog everyday, inscribe with arithmetic of be favored with of its be favored with, begin from 1 1, to add, decrease, by, except, arrive again present arithmetic, not bad, cerebral melon seeds holds out this bub clever, did not expend too large interest. " great of Liu eldest sister says: "Its 99 multiplication table backs are gotten now can sneak away, did not hit stutter. " saying, optional ground is draw-out in the mathematical problem card that Liu Dajie abstains in her a piece, subsequently, 4 eye are opposite she and doggie inspect, path of ask a question: "Neat, tell me, 5 add 2 be equal to a few? " in Liu Dajie dedicated eyes and nodding cooperating fall, neat neat loud cried 7 times, along with even if grow has flavour ground to chew had reward a victorious army its rock candy.
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