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Epidemic situation of our country avian flu already was put out entirely
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On March 18, office of news of Ministry of Agriculture holds a press conference, gu Youling of director of bureau of vet of presiding vet division, Ministry of Agriculture represents the state, at present avian flu virus is put in mutation phenomenon, mutation shows the character of gradual change. But the vaccine that our country uses at present is development of laboratory of reference of national avian flu, via the lab the experiment that attack poison and field experiment prove pair of birds kind can produce effective protection.
Method of our country immunity is the most advanced
Gu Youling expresses, our country is paying close attention to circumstance of mutation of avian flu virus closely, pass through according to international practice, choose the virus depart individual plant with extensive adaptability to make kind of toxin ceaselessly, undertake the technology is laid in. Inland implements policy of vigorous avian flu immunity, immune method is the world go up the most advanced with the effect best.
The avian flu that the investment at the beginning of this year uses -- , new city epidemic disease recombines 2 couplet live vaccine, it is the vaccine that Chinese newest proper motion develops, already the price is low use again convenient, can use a bazoo, water, a variety of means such as point key point are carried out.
Immune fowl takes poison to belong to guess
Gu Youling is special point out, individual expert says immune fowl takes poison recently, pure one kind when belong to these experts guesses or worry. Up to now, there still is proof of an exact example on the world, want to pass effective immunity only, healthy live birds won't take poison.
Nevertheless, he also emphasizes, prevent accuse avian flu to be not " stitch runs the world " , various government and concerned branch convection are connected superintend also should give height to take seriously, should strengthen pair of kind of birds, waterfowl and live birds to trade of the place such as the market monitor, concern measure strictly.
A variety of ways can affect a person
Gu Youling expresses, at present our country in all 15 people affect diagnose avian flu case of illness, among them 4 place have rasorial epidemic situation (occupy 27% ) , 11 place do not have rasorial epidemic situation (occupy 73% ) , this shows way of person infection avian flu is very much, the problem with unknown source of epidemic disease source already made the central point that international society pays close attention to jointly.
Gu Youling says, via expert analysis, avian flu virus can affect a person through a variety of ways. It is birds of ill death of hair of direct contact, edible. 2 it is to pass respiratory tract inspiratory the flying foam that contains virus of high concentration avian flu and dust of excrement and urine. 3 it is the contaminant that the contact is polluted by avian flu virus and fountainhead. The 4 migrant that are osculatory belt poison, wild bird and view and admire a bird.
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