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Does feline flesh fill greatly? The expert refutes a rumor: Feline flesh contai
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Edible cat flesh is a of our country particular phenomenon, its prime cause depends on consumer believing feline flesh fills greatly. In Zhuhai and other places, the price of feline flesh is very high. In the reporter this second in interviewing, partial consumer expresses: "Is feline flesh to fill greatly? Bake the flesh to string together eat us to also can fill. Bake the flesh to string together eat us to also can fill..

However, does feline flesh fill greatly really? Mr Liu Peng Mr Cheng of group of safety of quality of produce of center of development of science and technology of Chinese Ministry of Agriculture tells a reporter, be known according to him, feline flesh fills greatly pure belong to eyewash. He says, the cat of our country roams about especially cat, be with leftover ort, and unripe piscine crab and mice are food source, the proportion that affects helminth so is quite high. Wait like lung fluke, arched bug, although feline flesh is thoroughlied cook,kill not easily also. And the cat such as the haemorrhage heat of disease of hydrophobic, mad ox and mice is affected possibly also. At the same time feline excrement and urine has a large number of pathogenic bacteria, if butcher is non-standard,the likelihood pollutes the flesh and cause bromatoxism. Additional, the cat is single carnivorous sex animal, not edible is vegetable, because content of the vitamin inside this body is lacked, "Have the effect that fills greatly far from " .

Liu roc Cheng says, according to national regulation, the animal sex food of consumer edible needs to pass quarantine, resemble pig, ox, sheep animal of this kind of big batch nods shambles butcher through deciding, accordingly quarantine closes to be able to be controlled. But wait for all sorts of fragmentary and dispersive, puppy that do not nod shambles butcher via deciding like the cat, undertake quarantine very hard.

Normally the circumstance falls, the cat is the mainest the project of quarantine is hydrophobic, it is verminosis next. Animal quarantine divides visual examination, the mainest examination is to be in butcher process, wait for place to have through observing its are splanchnic, lymphatic namely wait without dot of ulcer, n/med tuberculosis, haemorrhage, judge thereby sick. If the cat is by individual or butcher of restaurant proper motion, quarantine personnel can now and then check is looked up. So, no matter how eat, feline flesh is unwarrantable also safe.

The reporter understands at the same time, source of animal sex food has rasorial, domestic animal, but livestock does not contain a cat, more do not include the so called game that people has now. No matter the nutrient book of domestic abroad and food component watch are medium, all do not have feline flesh account, more without any scientific evidence proof cat flesh contains special nutrition. The state of mind that perhaps collects petty gain for seek novelty eats feline meat, cannot take apparently.
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