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2006 Chongqing contest of dog of name of the 2nd world will be held in May
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By Chongqing this the home of pet of limited company of handkerchief guest medium, Asia's biggest & of China of pet of professional pet website sponsors jointly " contest of dog of name of world of the 2nd Chongqing and pet fine time " will in May 2006 5-6 day is in Chongqing exhibition center square house is held, it is afterwards in October 2005 15, 16 days " this handkerchief guest " cup " contest of dog of first world name and pet things exhibit 2005 Chongqing " after be being held successfully, be in western the another dog job that the area holds grand occasion.

Chongqing, whole world area is the largest, the modernization with most population is metropolitan, it is China western the biggest muti_function city of contemporary industry and commerce, also be the municipality directly under the Central Government with exclusive ministry of Chinese and Western, area in eighty-two thousand four hundred square, population 31.3 million, administer 40 areas county (city) . Chongqing pet market grew flourishingly 2005, the of all kinds dog that registers on record now is controlled 200 thousand times only, had become the 3rd big city raising a dog that is next to Beijing and Shanghai, western the potential of pet market is tremendous.

First are exhibited meeting, sponsor just invited examinant of AKC of 4 United States to hold the position of complete dog to plant the evaluation of the match, invited dog of job of the North American to meet (far east area) contest of blooded dog of China of evaluation of chairman Ms. Ceng Qingqian, still invited dog of job of the North American to meet the person such as adviser rank beautician Ms. Kang Yi, Ms. Zhang Jiang hold the position of beautician contest judge additionally, reveal absolutely authority. Besides the name that comes from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guizhou, Yunnan, Chengdu and and other places of Chongqing this locality the dog attends outside, still attracted two Korea to take part in the match the dog of form of top class contest of group and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia takes part in the match, take part in the match dog the amount achieves 312, it is one contains the international major with extremely tall Troy canine contest. Pet things is exhibited was to attract American approach to collect bless of Pu Ruina of nest of canine food, Shanghai, Taiwan to amount to Inc. to wait more postpone business, in succession Lai Yu develops this China the pet market of the youngest municipality directly under the Central Government. Before two days of exhibition period attracted nearly 20 thousand, will look around, purchase, negotiated global audience.

What as economic high speed development and flowing water of person the people's livelihood make the same score is ceaseless rise, especially " this handkerchief guest cup contest of dog of first world name and pet things exhibited Chongqing 2005 " hold successfully, to the bitter fleabane of market of estate of whole Chongqing dog suddenly development rose to urge action actively, the love dog, public figure that raises a dog jumps, for line of business of Chongqing future dog development laid solid foundation.
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