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Wish everybody the Spring Festival is happy
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Respectable client: You are good! New Year beginning, atmosphere is newer. In be full of happy demit old year old, overjoyed during greeting the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, sanitation of Chongqing city animal supervises terminal (9 culvert) pet hospital faculty pays the truest blessing and greeting to you here! Acknowledgment supports ours since you are long-term with care, in a new year we will pass on broad client with more high grade, more genuine service!
My courtyard has a doctor to be on duty during the Spring Festival, and at 9:00---23:00 offer free telephone call to seek advice from a service. Phone: 63635673 66933935 thanks you to be opposite the consistent support of my courtyard and attention! Respectful wish you and your family: Spring Festival joy, business promotes happiness of grand, life, good luck!