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My courtyard already was begun in the round detect below project
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Detect project

One, liver result: Cereal third transaminase (ALT) , total bilirubin (TBIL) , direct bilirubin (DBIL) , total albumen (TP) , albumin (ALB) wait
2, kidney result: Urea (BU) , flesh anhydride (CRE) , make water is acerbity (UA) , carbon dioxide (CO2) wait
3, hematic fat: Total cholesterol (TC) , glycerine 3 fat (TG) wait
4, blood sugar: Blood sugar (GLU) wait
5, blood is groovy: Leucocyte gross (WBC) , lymphocyte amount (LY# ) , monocyte amount (MO# ) , bead cell amount (GR# ) , lymphocyte per cent (LY% ) , monocyte per cent (MO% ) , grain cellular per cent (GR% ) , gross of red blood cell (RBC) , haemoglobin (HGB
6, pancreatic function: Amylase (AMS) wait
7, ionic: Calcic (Ca2) wait
8, uric fluid detects: Uric albumen (URO) , uric occult blood (UHB) , uric candy (UGL) , uric acid-base value (UPH) wait
9, canine acute communicable diseases is hot: Qualitative detect (electropositive) , antibody tests
10, petty virus: Qualitative detect (electropositive) , antibody tests
11, coronal shape virus: Qualitative detect (electropositive) 12, skin lens check
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