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Our country pet produces the problem that industry develops and the way to deal
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1 pet produces the international of course of study and domestic state

Be in a few developed countries and area, pet industry beneficial result is enormous. The United States is the world big country of the first pet, pet service industry is multifarious, annual only pet underwriting income is as high as 4 billion dollar; In Australia, pet industry has many 30 thousand stuff, create the gross domestic product that gives close 6 % .

Those who bestow favor on products line of business is rapid and arisen basically have the following the reason of 4 respects: Flowing water of the people's livelihood of person of show off? rises smoothly. According to the rule, the GDP of average per capita of a country is in 3000 arrive between 8000 dollars, pet industry can grow quickly. GDP of a lot of average per capita of urban urban district had exceeded 3000 dollars. The 2nd, as policy of our country family planning carry out, of every family children decrease, and singleton female get married after establishing line of business, because some works busy, some and old person live apart, decrease relatively to the attend to of the old person, old people can produce loneliness and alone move. The 3rd, recreational, consumption of the dweller and affection place means diversification, raise pet to become a content that one part life consumes alive. The 4th, competitive pressure is increased, life rhythm is accelerated, people faces a lot of trouble, quandary in the job, life, cannot find proper express target again however. Because pet is had lively, lovely, clever, understanding wait for character, people is in in raising a process, often regard it as a member of the family, speak with its, communicate with its, place as a kind of spirit, enriched the life. Be based on above reason, the person that feeds pet is increasing, those who bestow favor on products line of business is arisen it is a very natural business, no wonder also. Beijing has 16 million population, at present pet manages the orgnaization that reachs a service to make an appointment with 400, prop up photograph of orgnaization of a pet to compare with the about 10 thousand dweller of international developed country, still have larger space. But national condition is different, the living conditions of people and consciousness are different, can have very big difference, cannot geometric ratio.

Be in our country, beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan is paratactic already become 5 big pet cities of our country, only Shanghai raises canine charge every year to be as high as 600 million yuan, every month pet consumes every family to be 300 yuan on average. The data shows, to the end of 2004, our country home raises pet to amount to 80 million, pet industry has fixed assets total value to make an appointment with many yuan 20, year achieve production value many yuan 60, 60 thousand much person from course of study.

Statistical number shows, the pet market that our country gives priority to with blooded dog and cat, annual economic growth rate is in 20 % above. In the meantime, around in pet vogue all round, company of medical treatment, dress, mandatory, dog, sports meet is forming a professional domain etc. In Qingdao, every month spends the citizen that raises pet to bestow favor on the charge on canine body to differ to thousands of yuan for about a hundred yuan in love cat, and this amount still can continue expand quickly, pet economy also rises to surface accordingly. The expert is forecasted, to 2010, our country has pet at least 150 million, pet property production value breaks through hopeful 40 billion yuan.
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