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Border land sheperd dog
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Border land sheperd dog introduces
Border land sheperd dog basically distributings in 4 countries, matrix England, the United States, australia and New Zealand. 牠 people common characteristic, it is exceedingly clever, exceedingly true-blue to the mankind.
Be opposite according to the United States dog working obedience sex and intelligence quotient have a rank, border land sheperd dog is to rank world first dog, its are clever the obedient sex that reachs pair of host does not have commonplace doubt. But go up in outside heredity, have quite big difference however. Beautiful Bian Muru is the same as our national treasure panda, in country of each producing area, the welcome that all is comparatived. And herd of edge of unseemly of design and color, because 牠 has main character of Bian Mu- - " clever reach obedient sex " , turn accordingly and be fostered into dog of job of the first-rate on grass exercise. This can take part in the match from the bodily form of foreign edge herd the dog is exhibited in proof, the Bian Mu that those winning a prize, absolutely major it is design and color conspicuous, posture is beautiful, lovely change side. If fair dog, there is long like become known of holy 誔 grandpa beard even before the bosom, long hang down the hair on the neck of a pig or horse that reachs the ground, that will be to plant fair medium highest grade.
The exterior
Expression is clever, vigilant, enthusiastic and be full of curiosity. The eye divides relatively leave, moderate volume, egg form. Eye socket pigment and eye color are Brown; If the body is main,color is not black, the color of the eye will be apparently a few lighter. Auditive and moderate volume, of cent relatively leave, auditive and erect or stand partly. Ear needle points to forward face or to two side. Muzzle slightly short, strong, ju Dun, rhinioscope is carried slightly fine. Chin is strong and special develop. The color of rhinioscope and body are main color is proportional, nostril develops.
Cervical length is appropriate, strong and hefty, summary arch, relax gradually to humeral ministry direction. Back wire is even, body exterior is hale. Bosom moderate of deep, width, show huge thorax volume. The bosom is as deep as elbow. Costal dilate is good. Lumbar deepness moderate, hefty, summary arch, clinking carry. Hip tilts gradually backward. Tail: The position is small, medium length, coccygeal and outspread to flying section. Extreme has up vortical.
Forelimb skeleton develops, each other are parallel.
Hind human body is broad and hefty, outline is gentle tilt to tail place. Ham is long, wide, deep and hefty.
Be made have two kinds of kinds by Mao Yun: Shag and undercoat. Flix is smooth, length moderate.
Border land sheperd dog has a lot of kinds of color, have all sorts of different type and streak. It is black and white and dichromatic photograph mostly miscellaneous, prevailing color is black ribbon (or do not take) white veins that stand out under the skin, white scarf, white sock, white end is pointed, belt (or do not take) Brown fleck. The body appears all sorts of different facial expression allow, alone complete white is exceptional, and area of general requirement white cannot too big.
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