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Honoured guest dog
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Breed name: Confuse you model lady dog (Midatllre Poodle)

Alias: Dog of small-sized honoured guest, cattail Er dog, pu Duo dog

Name origin: The name comes from heart article, but in France most suffer love, by honour the dog that it is a country, call French lady the dog again. Be cut by Mao Jingxiu after hairdressing, very handsome and colorful, extraordinary.

Breed history: Early appears in Europe before, become by breed of large lady dog small-sized confuse you namely model lady dog. Clip lady dog and modelling is invented by Maliandongni, wide love for the masses. White breed originates in France more, produce of brown hair formerly from Germany, of black productive from Russia, and Italy produces give priority to with dark brown. Country of origin still open to question.

Height: 25. 4 ~ 38. 0cm. Weight: 5. 4 ~ 6.8kg.

Standard exterior: By Mao Juan Qu Roushun, close and thick, mix with white grayish the most welcome. Head circle, the specified amount is small, the kiss is long and straight, side is long and wide, ear root is low, crest is much; The eye is shown elliptic.

When standing, show cervical a bit up look up pose; The bosom is deep, rib is proper and outward piece, the back is short and the waist is broad; Forelimb is straight and short, hind legs is long, buttock the ministry is hefty; End root is tall, end is lifted up a bit, end pointed clip becomes Mao Qiu state, and systemic clip becomes lion state.

The expert comments on: Clever and alert and resourceful, the movement is address, study new act and memory all beautiful, obedient sex is strong, have performance ability, like by the person complimentary, the hobby swims, endurance and tenacity are good. Drop wool not easily, without body smelly, comfortable raise at the family.
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