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How to move religion " evil dog "
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The cause that causes behaviour of dog dog occurrence attack has a lot of kinds, have disposition factor, also have the effect of the outside, do not pass the psychological question of in the final analysis or dog dog, psychological element affected its judgement and behaviour, issue the statement of attack thereby.
How to do psychological adjustment and psychology to coach to dog dog? Does home have the pet hospital of this respect? The reporter interviewed Tianjin again Dr Ding Shaozhong of hospital of content of happy Kang Chong, fourth doctor says: "Offer the outpatient service of pet psychology respect without pet hospital almost in home at present, had not developed the treatment of this respect basically also, the hospital that becomes psychotherapy about giving pet in Tianjin respect is done not have more had heard of. " since the pet hospital beside does not have the special orgnaization of this respect, still be to suggest him host gives dog dog to coach so psychology. After all we raise pet to also have very big one part reason is to loosen nerve, alleviate pressure, bring to us in dog dog happy, relaxed, after adjusting psychology, as host, it is the psychological need that also should consider them, change a position to adjust for dog dog? Satisfied dog dog what is more,the rather that eat and drink pull after scattering, as the parent, how should get along with neighbour namely for what they worry about most, the problem that when how going out, gets along with other little girl, always do not hope your dog dog by the honor of evil dog on the coronal, at once quick and academic, do a dog dog psychology to coach master. Psychology coachs change evil dog one fear allows state of   of 5 big states normally dog dog is in   of its forget oneself face new environment, overmuch stranger or bodily form more tremendous congener when, initiate attack action easily. The dog dog that is in this kind of environment to fall can have a kind of natural defend oneself mentality, also can try hard ground hump waist, suddenly wool, make oneself can look a bit bigger, the hope can be frightened quit opposite party, if the other side is done not have,do not eat this one completely, be forced helpless dog dog is forced to walk up hysterical this one road, before unripe psychology attacks, the deathtrap with buy goes after that... the Foluolunsa that perhaps installs Ni princess allots an attack in such circumstance namely, because lackey is pulling a flock of dogs to receive a princess at that time, psyched out small bullfight fears to leave bit, unfortunate is it chose what queen loves most " beacon " . Coach: The utterance of master tenderness, gentle caress can alleviate absolutely because dog dog is scared and the psychological burden that create, once preside discovers dog dog appears when intense sentiment, answer to crouch next caressing dogs immediately, use eyes communication at the same time, dog letting a dog forgets fear, perhaps let it know " host is beside, of dreariness of it doesn't matter " . The 2 teenagers that do not have fine cause the condition in the future evil dog Dr   fourth introduces to the reporter: "Generally speaking, 6- - the rate that the dog dog with 11 big months bites a person is highest, but can cause serious consequence or be biting those who bite a circumstance to appear dead is mostly 3- - dog of 4 years old. " why can you appear so this kind of circumstance? Because dog dog sends Yo period to was not trained by appropriate socialization in psychology,be, did not contact the outside for long, of dog of this pair of dogs grow and psychological development is very adverse, the dog dog of childhood does not know how to should handle the thing of the outside, the natural instinct that brings from inside the mother's body lets them protect his with the tooth, and because do not have what gain host in time,be taught and understand the development of the outside, meet after dog dog is grown nurturance " talk with the tooth " habit, regard attack as all in the day's work is euqally simple. Coach: In the dog childhood period makes the dog be given priority to with care, teach for complementary policy for education, do not limit the freedom of dog dog, often let dog dog and outside and contact of other dog dog at the same time, share toy, food as far as possible together with other dog dog, train the state of mind with dog optimistic, gentle dog, should check in time when producing conflict the attack behavior of dog dog, letting it know to bite is wrong action. State no matter much more kind-hearted dog dog is in,3 lactation are an exceptional   the aggressiveness of lactation is very strong, because protect his child,be its nature and maternity. If encounter what some not know what's good must feel a doggie, be bitten to go up to did not run basically readily by bitch. Coach: Do not have method, be in charge of good yourself only, reduce a guest as far as possible at the same time visit. In case before having uninvited guest, will must exhort cannot stand by mother dog and doggie, always value dot at the same time. What can censure to the nature of a mother? State 4 I am large size I am afraid that whose   is in grown dog dog, compare with the dog dog of medium, general form again launch attack easily. Because of the dog dog with big bodily form very easy generation is controlled desire with regnant desire, puny to comparing them dog dog can launch attack actively. Time grew, of large dog dog regnant be about to meet all the more expands, they had been not satisfied at the submit to of doggie dog, begin to launch attack to the dog dog that is the same as bodily form, reappearance is exhibited later, brutish had let it develop brains, perhaps which days, it does your pet readily no longer, want to do your host however, await in those days... hey, is the tooth of dog dog very white? Coach: Certainly is a method absolutely. Be in ferial li of not indulgent dog, install a few tall difficulty at the same time the frustrate feeling of dog of behavioral education dog (put the toy in a small hole to make dog dog enough be less than) for instance, when the dog after the dog is crestfallen master reappear, satisfy the requirement of dog dog. Such dog dogs can know he are not all-purpose, always need your help. When go out at the same time host should caress other doggie dog actively, let it know those who like to this is master, cannot fribble. 5 breed decide the state all   have some of dog dog to have very strong aggressiveness natively, for instance bovine head Piao more, assist of mainland of wolf dog, bit dog, day, Niubolidu. Among them aggressiveness is the strongest is bit dog, it is to see the dog is bitten, do not bite bite host later, a lot of people regard a bottle of dog as it now. Most appearance is not breathtaking should calculate bovine head Piao more, long move is mixed one pair the simple and honest about with general ox, but the person in the circle that raise a dog has an accepted view to it " the dog that has a dog " . Coach: The nature is such, do not try in vain to domesticate dog of a bit with Beijing euqally adulatory, also catch forever like an auspicious baby like be less than a zebra. Still eliminate charge in first link, you can raise child of beauty of a rich, auspicious, but wool of card, gold, Xi Shi is waited a moment etc, bit of if it were not for, either earthy assist, either bovine head Piao more, also had better not be wolfhound, not be earnest guest.
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