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Differentiate Tibetan mastiff Tibetan mastiff originates in our country Tibet and Qinghai, be grown by wool and massiness, cold-resistant is cold, can fall asleep peacefully in ice and snow disposition is resolute, muscularity is feral, haggard still put, make person be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. Protect feudal, protect food, attack of be apt to, have intense hostility to stranger, but very affectionate to host. It is special the one's right hand that protects horse of courtyard, herd to put a sheep. If its Zhuang Runiu, growl is lion, firm soft have both, can the herd flocks and herds, idea that can dismiss host, can leopard of drive jackal tiger. Introduce according to Tibetian brethren, mastiff of a grown Tibet can be fought defeat 3 evil wolves, can make leopard candidly admit defeat. Be by analogy in Tibet " of " day dog. Hesperian is after those who knew Tibetan mastiff is magical, call its " Oriental god dog " .
Head Tibetan mastiff is big and square, frontal bizygomatic breadth, the eye is black yellow, the mouth is short and thick, corners of the mouth is weighed slightly, kiss short nose breadth, glossal big lip is thick. The neck is thick strong, have below the neck hang down, body is husky, hearing is nimble, the visual sense is keen, forelimb 5 foot are cuting, 4 foot hook hind legs benefit, laniary and sharp clinking, ear is small and flagging, listen to all directions information, remaining part is large and side coils. The whole body is grown by wool and fine body hair grows. 10 - - 40 centimeters, cercus is long 20 - - 50 centimeters, hair color is with black much, it is yellow, white, cyan and gray next, limb is hale, facilitate run, use the remaining part that be like leopard, fight secondary attack, your enemy impossible to defend effectively. A blooded manhood hides mastiff to weigh 60 kilograms or so, grow about 4 foot, feet of humeral second year in high school half, driving and feral, although have a rest, its look fierce look, the ordinary person dare be not stood by absolutely. Muscularity Tibetan mastiff is like a tiger, enough makes a leopard or 3 evil wolves are beaten, fierce interest is fought, those who make win divine dog beauty praise, also be the dare fight exclusively with beast of prey dog on the world kind. In August age accessibility is mature, mother dog is annual Chu Dong (10 - - December) oestrus 1 second, but in altitude inferior half farming half a pasturing area, climate warmth, management is proper, criterion Ke Chunqiu two oestrus. Every broods of kitten 4 - - 5, much person amount to 7 - - 8. Life 10 - - 16 years. Cold-resistant Tibetan mastiff is afraid of heat, in the ice and snow in 0 339 Celsius still can safety falls asleep. Disposition is resolute, muscularity is feral, haggard still put, make person be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. Slant carnivorous, disease-resistant force is powerful. Protect feudal, protect food, attack of be apt to, have intense hostility to stranger, but affectionate to host to extremely, willingly bear the burden of hard works, it is the man Friday of herdsman. Because Tibetan mastiff differs for life area, there also is a difference on the exterior. Taste best top grade to hide mastiff at present, stem from meander area of Tibet. Mastiff of this kind of Tibet has the primitive feature of dog of typical the Himalayas ground: Dense hair on the neck of a pig or horse is male like Africa lion is same, prothorax expanse, the vision is sharp, implicative and abstruse. The harsh environment of the Himalayas arteries and veins gifted the psychology with Tibetan beauty of a kind of straightforward, agile and brave, resolute mastiff bears ability, also gift at the same time the temperament of Wang Zhe Tibetan mastiff, high, elegance, composed, brave. Still mastiff of a kind of Tibet stems from Qinghai area. Mastiff of this kind of Tibet does not have hair on the neck of a pig or horse almost, the Mao Ye that goes up personally is shorter, type of build or figure is greater however! But its disposition is feral without the Tibetan mastiff that brings hair on the neck of a pig or horse, composed.
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