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Small-sized dog cling to elder brother
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Breed name: Cling to elder brother dog (Pug) , alias: Pekingese, pekinese, ax dog

One, name origin: Pug is Latin " ax form " meaning, friend calls ax the dog.

2, breed history: Country of origin is China. Han Chaoshi, bring back this dog Europe by European businessman, after 1516, portuguese, Spaish, Dutch and British businessman are ceaseless bring back this dog homeland; After, france, Italy and Muscovite also in succession will cling to elder brother dog brings back a country, make spread all over complete Europe. The course reforms and breed, oneself pervade whole world, suffer senile lady to dote on especially.

3, height: 25. 4 ~ 28. 0cm. Weight: 6.4 ~ 8.2kg.

4, standard exterior: By wool weak point, smooth luster, complaisant. Hair color has black, apricot yellow color and argent wait for color. Pretext ministry has black thick streak to the rear all the time to back. Ear, buccal ministry has black mole.

The head is big and round, frontal Duan Mingxian, kiss ministry is short and the lip is outstanding, black face, facial furrow is deep and much. Ear is small and thin, submit rose form or peony form. The small hole is large and round, a bit bulgy. The neck is thick, length moderate. Body weak point is thick, wide bosom short back, body human body is strong. Forelimb is straight length moderate, hind legs is plump and mighty, black claw, end coils to hip.

5, the expert comments on:

Gentle and happy, clever and attaching person. Although grow so that scowl is full of but happy and bright and clear, devoted to master.

6, relevant data:
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