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The United States can block a dog
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Breed name: The United States wears a dog truly (American Cocker Spenlel)

Alias: The United States can block a dog, dog of American hunt pheasant, the United States wears Xibanni truly


Name origin: The transliteration of Cocner is " can get stuck " , reason interpret can get stuck for the United States, and Cocker meaning is " hunt pheasant dog " , so, also call American hunt pheasant the dog.

Breed history: The ancestor is Spain gamy dog, england is passed into by Spain before 1000, be taken by pommy after person United States, classics is improved with breed, bodily form decrescent, the exterior is more beautiful, in the United States Mancunian dog was exhibited 1883 in appear, be affirmed to be new breed, cause sensation, up to now still wide for popularity, be loved by most person.

Height: Fair dog 38 ~ 39cm, mother dog 35 ~ 37cm.

Weight: 10 ~13kg.

Standard exterior: Soft by Mao Mi, submit wave form; There is rich crest in ear ministry, bosom, abdomen and limb, very beautiful. Hair color has a variety of: Black, Brown, buff, argent, gold dark brown, black and white, black and Brown wait.

Brainpan coping is round, the forehead is apparent, buccal size is modest, the nose needle distance to frontal ministry is the half that nose needle carries a distance on the head to brainpan, color of lubricious darkly of nose ministry wool and Brown, or bare color, yellow and have miscellaneous spot; Muzzle is wider, into horny form; Mix condition is occlusive tine. Ear root under look line, ear is soft and long, filiform crest is enclothed. Almond shape big eye.

Cervical muscle is plump, the bosom is deep, prothorax is wide, back is strong, tilt smoothly downward to end from hair on the neck of a pig or horse.
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