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The Xiaochang that buy a dog is known
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Buying a dog is the thing that a lot of pet lover had experienced, but how does ability buy a health, lovely baby dog? The most important is to accomplish " 5 see " .

See manner: Psychosis is the comprehensive report of neurological function condition and canine health condition. Healthy dog should be two have remaining part of god, ear agile, react when somebody is adjacent rapid, show be close to actively or keep away from.

If the eye does not have a god, the much more possible sicken such as mental depressed.

2 see whole: The action that watchs a dog is quick, gait is dovish, by wool smooth, muscle is well-balanced, limb is hale, have without gammy phenomenon. If body watch has skin of apparent scar, n/med leprosy, depilate, papule (little a knot in one's heart) show this to the dog suffers from or once had contracted skin disease (disease of fungus of disease of mite of form of Jie mite disease, squirm, skin) .

3. See an eye: The eye of healthy dog is bright and have a mind, eyelash is clean and orderly, eye socket microstrip is wet. A lot of diseases of the dog have report on the eye. Eye conjunctiva (eyelid inside) bloodshot tide is red the omen that is disease of a few contagion, hot sex more. Eye conjunctiva Huang Ran (present cream-colored look) the liver that shows a dog appears likely pathological changes. Eye conjunctiva is the anemia that causes a dog by all sorts of reasons more palely. When occurrence cornea (eyeball is the outerest) cloudy, blaze is heat of canine acute communicable diseases likely is medium later period, or the keratitis that is pure sex; If cornea appears,blue gray contracts infectious hepatitis much more likely (clinical go up to also call this phenomenon " of blue eye of " hepatitis sex) . If gum passes to should notice more more, the dog of hepatitis of heat of a lot of acute communicable diseases having a dog, infectivity has this appearance.

4. Visit nose department: Should be all round the nose needle of healthy dog and nostril wet and have cool feeling. If nose ministry is dry,many specification the upper respiratory tract has inflammation (it is more by contagion, heat venereal cause) . If apparent serous sex, mucous sex, pus sex is poured out of in nostril,a few contagion are when drivel (heat of acute communicable diseases of grippe, dog) expression.

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