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Summer of small-sized dog York
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One, breed name: York summer  (Yorkshire Terrier)
Alias: Make an appointment with dog of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, york big  , dog of benefit of York summer peaceful

2, name origin: Because produce,get a name from British York county.

3, breed history: Be 100 old before by  of Shi Kai spy, Scotland  , Mancunian  , Dandidingmeng  is mixed Maerji this wait for mutual cross and become. Because this has silky the long hair that be like silk, burnish and abounds, raise big fan to love.

4, height: 20. 3 ~ 22. 9cm. Weight: 1. 8 ~ 2. 3kg; Do not be more than 3. 2kg.

5, standard exterior: By Mao Zhi luster, submit silk thread form; Hair color dark blue, the head and limb show Brown: Wool pointed ministry is more shallow and wool root ministry is deeper. Young dog wool is black, become steely look gradually later. 3 years old are opposite by Mao Cai it is dark blue.

Brainpan is small and smooth, head hair is long, ear ministry hair is thick, note is briefer. Nose black, the level is occlusive shape tine. Small ear submits V form, erect or half erect, two ear ask have shock Brown undercoat. Eye volume is moderate, have black rim of the eye. The body is strong, back short bosom is deep, the waist is hefty, grow to be divided to two side prolapse from nature of back central line by wool. Forelimb is straight, yellow having gold takes Brown long hair; Moderate of hind legs length, point to (foot) round and small, black claw. Decide remaining part 2 / 3, cercus shows dark blue.

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